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Wednesday, February 12, 2003 (#43)
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  • what: ICQ dialogue between Bubba and Woozle
Bubba      2/12/03  3:51 PM  hey

Bubba      2/12/03  3:57 PM  how-d

woozle     2/12/03  3:57 PM  yo (as in nam __ renge kyo)

Bubba      2/12/03  3:58 PM  isn't yoho renge kyo and I'm registering
                                  ltpga.com at Bulk Register

Bubba      2/12/03  3:59 PM  will put the 12 in w/the other

woozle     2/12/03  3:59 PM  k

Bubba      2/12/03  3:59 PM  nam yoho renge kyo

Bubba      2/12/03  3:59 PM  2u2

Bubba      2/12/03  3:59 PM  r u doing the chant?

woozle     2/12/03  4:01 PM  I was working on the hustle and the twist,

Bubba      2/12/03  4:01 PM  in 1982 2 little Korean women knocked on our
                                  door and wanted to share it w/us and show off
                                  the new Toyota mini van they got because of

woozle     2/12/03  4:02 PM  Sounds lucrative. Perhaps you should send it
                                  to 5 other people within 24 hours to receive
                                  good luck.

Bubba      2/12/03  4:02 PM  rt

Bubba      2/12/03  4:04 PM  Lynne and I went to one meeting to check it
                                  out and it was a room full of a vast mix of
                                  humanity and we all had to walk past the
                                  husband in his tank top white undershirt, big
                                  ol beer belly, bald head and a distant far off
                                  stare through the TVof the woman sponsoring
                                  the meeting

Bubba      2/12/03  4:05 PM  about 25 of us went in to a bedroom and they
                                  opened an alter, lit some insence and started
                                  chanting slowly with a clear building or
                                  volume and speed, till it was a drone w/no
                                  discernable words 

woozle     2/12/03  4:05 PM  to which I can only say "hmmmmmmmmm...."

Bubba      2/12/03  4:06 PM  twas an event

woozle     2/12/03  4:07 PM  just got an order for Prankster and Lil Love

Bubba      2/12/03  4:07 PM  rt and I'll pull it here inna minnit

Bubba      2/12/03  4:07 PM  before it gets dark

Bubba      2/12/03  4:07 PM  run the card and it'll be out in the morning
                                  before I go play golf

Bubba      2/12/03  4:08 PM  just wanted to tell you about the bulk reg

woozle     2/12/03  4:08 PM  keedoke

Bubba      2/12/03  4:08 PM  do all of the domains have to have the same

Bubba      2/12/03  4:08 PM  or can they vary within the org

woozle     2/12/03  4:08 PM  registrant?

woozle     2/12/03  4:08 PM  Some of our domains have your handle for the
                                  contact info

woozle     2/12/03  4:09 PM  "our"domains, that is...

Bubba      2/12/03  4:09 PM  so i should amend them all so I get notice of
                                  their impending dissolution

Bubba      2/12/03  4:09 PM  and a chance to reup

Bubba      2/12/03  4:09 PM  instead of you haviong to tell me

woozle     2/12/03  4:10 PM  yeah... the ones that are mainly you or Lynne
                                  should probly go to
                                  something@redistribution.org; the others I
                                  should probably send to office@vbz.net

woozle     2/12/03  4:10 PM  or office@redhouse.com

Bubba      2/12/03  4:10 PM  rt o

Bubba      2/12/03  4:11 PM  I'll sit down so night here soon and fix them

Bubba      2/12/03  4:11 PM  some night

woozle     2/12/03  4:11 PM  rt

Bubba      2/12/03  4:13 PM  k

Bubba      2/12/03  4:13 PM  I should be geting the MT stuff in the next
                                  few dasy

Bubba      2/12/03  4:13 PM  Dick Slecksic fingers

woozle     2/12/03  4:14 PM  cool. ZR arrived this afternoon.

Bubba      2/12/03  4:14 PM  the neck of a 1964 Fender Strat

Bubba      2/12/03  4:14 PM  kewl

woozle     2/12/03  4:14 PM  Then I have to finish filing the taxes, and
                                  then I will enter the new MT catalog stuff.

Bubba      2/12/03  4:14 PM  k