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Saturday, February 1, 2003 (#32)
Friday Saturday Sunday
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  • what: ICQ dialogue between Bubba and Woozle
woozle     2/1/03   10:15 AM ...good morning, and I don't suppose you
                                  happen to have noticed an Office 97 CD lying
                                  around anywhere?

Bubba      2/1/03   10:18 AM nope

woozle     2/1/03   10:19 AM It might have possibly fallen out on the bed
                                  in my office -- have you been there recently?

Bubba      2/1/03   10:20 AM I'm gonna be gone today pulling motors and
                                  transmissions for the vehicles around here so
                                  I can get the running to sell in the front

Bubba      2/1/03   10:20 AM get them running

woozle     2/1/03   10:21 AM k... just thought I'd check, cuz I need the
                                  blinkin' CD key... it must be up here

Bubba      2/1/03   10:22 AM do you have a stash of CD's here I can check?

woozle     2/1/03   10:23 AM if it was there, it wouldn't be where it
                                  belongs, so it wouldn't be in a stash; it
                                  would have maybe fallen out of the laptop case
                                  onto the bed or something.

Bubba      2/1/03   10:23 AM would the registration key be logged somewhere
                                  on my machine?

Bubba      2/1/03   10:24 AM does that mean no?

woozle     2/1/03   10:25 AM oh, didn't see the msg about the reg key...
                                  no, if it were there I could just run one of
                                  the copies down here. It doesn't seem to be
                                  gettable that way.

Bubba      2/1/03   10:25 AM bummer

woozle     2/1/03   10:26 AM oh well... tanx for looking.