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Wednesday, January 8, 2003 (#8)
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  • what: ICQ dialogue between Bubba and Woozle
woozle     1/8/03   8:18 AM  realized last night I forgot to generate the
                                  restock -- at this point, it's quicker just to
                                  send you a spreadsheet, but I have to go out
                                  right now. Will finish it and email when I get

woozle     1/8/03   9:26 AM  Ok, tis sent. Use ST Visa and kmp...

Bubba      1/8/03   10:06 AM check the invoice for LB on the lamps to see
                                  if there is a line item charge on the extended
                                  price total to see if it says $0

woozle     1/8/03   10:50 AM Duke: women's team is #1; men's team is #1 in
                                  AP polls but the tournament isn't finished yet

Bubba      1/8/03   11:29 AM the list is longer than we thought Mr. Bond

woozle     1/8/03   11:29 AM the list of unavailables?

woozle     1/8/03   11:29 AM (I'm about to head out)

Bubba      1/8/03   11:29 AM y

woozle     1/8/03   11:29 AM k

Bubba      1/8/03   11:30 AM thenewprophets.com - Rich Sage on keys

woozle     1/8/03   11:30 AM huh... remind me to checquittout

Bubba      1/8/03   11:30 AM k

Bubba      1/8/03   11:31 AM it'll be w/the list when you get back

woozle     1/8/03   11:31 AM that'll work

Bubba      1/8/03   11:37 AM OOS - LB-21794-2X/WH Sacred Heart (2x eXtra
                                  Large - white T-shirt) 
                                  OOS -LB-31177-L/BLK Chief (Large - black
                                  OOS - LB-31718-M/BLK Moon Dog (Medium - black
                                  OOS -LB-61802-M/TD Man with Sticks (Medium -
                                  tie-dye T-shirt) 
                                  OOS - LB-31789-TLS/L/BLK Viper Cross (Large -
                                  black Longsleeve T-shirt) 
                                  NIP - LB-61000-1X Smokestack Lighning (eXtra
                                  Large T-shirt) 
                                  OOP - LB-41781-L El Diablo (Large T-shirt) 
                                  Rich Sage - Keyboardist for "The New Prophets"
                                  http://thenewprophets.com . Open the menu and
                                  go to video for best images of Rich.

Bubba      1/8/03   12:34 PM strike that best images comment.  I find
                                  better pics a Pictures/Vegas Gallery top left

Bubba      1/8/03   12:37 PM Center top and the bottom right 2 pics

woozle     1/8/03   3:54 PM  LB-61000 -- are all sizes out of print?

woozle     1/8/03   3:54 PM  or, wait, looks like NIP is different from
                                  OOP... enlighten me, do...

Bubba      1/8/03   4:35 PM  OOP is a discontinued out of stock at least in
                                  the size requested.  Usually doesn't
                                  investigate other sizes until needed. and NIP
                                  is Never In Production, the "Let's print a
                                  picture and see if anybody wants it" picture.

Bubba      1/8/03   5:30 PM  am needing you to import latest data so I can
                                  ship the 2 Jerry Doll order we just got.

woozle     1/8/03   7:23 PM  I always need to know what other sizes are
                                  still available for an OOP, unless I should
                                  just assume all are gone. Really, they should
                                  be emailing us a list of discontinued stuff on
                                  a regular basis.

woozle     1/8/03   7:23 PM  will try to import...

Bubba      1/8/03   7:25 PM  why not just uncheck as we need and can't get?

woozle     1/8/03   7:27 PM  why not avoid the inconvenience to customers
                                  of listing stuff we can't get?

Bubba      1/8/03   7:28 PM  well if you really want to do the extra that
                                  we may never need, sure, I'll check on it as
                                  they are OOP

Bubba      1/8/03   7:30 PM  because we do get the occasional going going
                                  gone report

Bubba      1/8/03   7:30 PM  and we could do it all at once as we get those

Bubba      1/8/03   7:30 PM  we'll just have to ask for it to be a monthly

Bubba      1/8/03   7:30 PM  this is where the software could so help them

Bubba      1/8/03   7:30 PM  everything being run by the numbers including
                                  orders fro a design that cause that design to
                                  automatically be scheduled for repro as the
                                  orders dictated

woozle     1/8/03   7:31 PM  icq not sending

Bubba      1/8/03   7:31 PM  numbers dwindle on the GGG list and an email
                                  is automatically sent to those on the list
                                  asking for it

Bubba      1/8/03   7:36 PM  houston are you there? Houston.  Houston, come
                                  in Houston

woozle     1/8/03   7:36 PM  did you recv "icq not sending"?