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Monday, January 6, 2003 (#6)
Sunday Monday Tuesday
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  • what: ICQ dialogue between Bubba and Woozle
Bubba      1/6/03   12:08 PM D5369 and D5400 have called and left messages
                                  asking about their orders
                                  5369 is a ZR BAtik Tee
                                  5400 is Terrapin Station T and Roses & Skulls
                                  Wedgewood T

woozle     1/6/03   12:09 PM am in bed w/ 100F fever, but can investigate

Bubba      1/6/03   12:09 PM ouch, bummer

woozle     1/6/03   12:10 PM d5369 cancelled

Bubba      1/6/03   12:11 PM he just called 2 hours ago

woozle     1/6/03   12:11 PM ....tho we still have the shirt

Bubba      1/6/03   12:11 PM just Terrapin or both?

woozle     1/6/03   12:12 PM (still D5369) I guess call back and find out
                                  if they still want it... I got email on 1/2/03
                                  saying cancel...

woozle     1/6/03   12:12 PM D5400: checking...

woozle     1/6/03   12:13 PM D5400 would be 2 shirts we need to order from
                                  LB. Was planning that for today.

Bubba      1/6/03   12:13 PM LB and ZR today?

woozle     1/6/03   12:13 PM ZR: not enough orders yet.

Bubba      1/6/03   12:14 PM k

woozle     1/6/03   12:14 PM You know how to pull up the list of what we
                                  need from LB? I could generate a restock
                                  listing if that would help, and send you the
                                  new data.

Bubba      1/6/03   12:15 PM just restock and supplier rt?

woozle     1/6/03   12:15 PM (If I'm gonna do that, I should also run the
                                  ccard for those bears, so you can print out
                                  the invoice and ship them)

Bubba      1/6/03   12:15 PM don't tax yourself

woozle     1/6/03   12:15 PM "Items Needed" button, it's now labelled

Bubba      1/6/03   12:15 PM but if you can kewl

woozle     1/6/03   12:15 PM then pick Liquid Blue from drop-down

Bubba      1/6/03   12:16 PM items needed - got it

woozle     1/6/03   12:16 PM or lick Piquid Blue, whichever works best

Bubba      1/6/03   12:16 PM licking

Bubba      1/6/03   12:17 PM items needed - Run-time error '2467'

Bubba      1/6/03   12:17 PM debug or end?

woozle     1/6/03   12:17 PM rats... hmm...

Bubba      1/6/03   12:17 PM refers to object that is closed or doesn't

woozle     1/6/03   12:17 PM Debug, then send me the erroneous line

woozle     1/6/03   12:18 PM then try closing & opening the DB and try

Bubba      1/6/03   12:19 PM Private Sub Form_Open(Cancel As Integer)
                                      Me.Painting = False
                                      >>>>With Me.sfrmItems_Unknown.Form<<<<
                                          .Filter = "ID_Supplier IS NULL"
                                          .FilterOn = True
                                      End With
                                      Me.cbxSuppliers = GlobalSupplier
                                      Me.Painting = True
                                  End Sub

woozle     1/6/03   12:19 PM ok.... closing/opening may help

Bubba      1/6/03   12:19 PM k

Bubba      1/6/03   12:20 PM closed - reopen - same bug

woozle     1/6/03   12:21 PM ok... debug, then comment out the highlighted
                                  line and the 3 subsequent lines. Commenting is
                                  done by putting an apostrophe ' at the
                                  beginning of the line.

woozle     1/6/03   12:21 PM If that doesn't work, I'll generate a restock

Bubba      1/6/03   12:22 PM beginning of every line I want to comment out
                                  or one at the end of the lines I'm commenting

woozle     1/6/03   12:22 PM beginning of all 4 lines to comment out

woozle     1/6/03   12:22 PM beginning of each line

woozle     1/6/03   12:23 PM oh, and when that's done, press F5 to continue

Bubba      1/6/03   12:23 PM did it to the first and then it closed after
                                  "This will change your project, do you wist to

woozle     1/6/03   12:23 PM huh

woozle     1/6/03   12:24 PM go back to the main menu and press the
                                  Restocks button, see if that's working

Bubba      1/6/03   12:24 PM I clicked OK and then it asked me if I wanted
                                  to save it and I said Y and then it went away

Bubba      1/6/03   12:24 PM restocks works

woozle     1/6/03   12:24 PM (With only that one line commented out, you'll
                                  get an error if you try to open Items Needed
                                  again cuz you've got an End With with no With)

Bubba      1/6/03   12:25 PM so debug should happen again?

woozle     1/6/03   12:25 PM If you try to open that form, yeah.

woozle     1/6/03   12:25 PM Will attempt to run card. This will take a few
                                  minutes; have to enter into PTC.

Bubba      1/6/03   12:26 PM should run that form and undebug the last
                                  debug thing I did?

woozle     1/6/03   12:26 PM or you could try commenting out the other 3

Bubba      1/6/03   12:26 PM k

woozle     1/6/03   12:27 PM are you able to fetch email from redhouse.com?
                                  It keeps timing out for me.

Bubba      1/6/03   12:27 PM me too

Bubba      1/6/03   12:27 PM was gonna ask after we finished the restock

woozle     1/6/03   12:27 PM methinks the dedsrv is down.

Bubba      1/6/03   12:28 PM apples/oranges

woozle     1/6/03   12:28 PM No response on redhouse.com or

Bubba      1/6/03   12:28 PM you're probably rt

Bubba      1/6/03   12:33 PM do you get jazzed at seeing an order that is
                                  totally instock?

woozle     1/6/03   12:33 PM yeah, it's kewel

woozle     1/6/03   12:33 PM $ in the bank, payoff for taking time to do

Bubba      1/6/03   12:34 PM I still smile looking at the 4 bears sitting

woozle     1/6/03   12:34 PM (currently attempting to contact tech support;
                                  that seems like the most urgent item)

Bubba      1/6/03   12:34 PM rt

Bubba      1/6/03   12:34 PM can't upload if the servers down

Bubba      1/6/03   12:35 PM i commented out the other 3 lines of code

woozle     1/6/03   12:35 PM ok

woozle     1/6/03   12:59 PM well, while I was attempting to get in touch
                                  with them, it seems to have come back

Bubba      1/6/03   12:59 PM as good as a fix

woozle     1/6/03   12:59 PM let me get straight about this banker lamp

woozle     1/6/03   1:00 PM  did they specifically say they still wanted
                                  it? Cuz everything I've seen was "sorry, you
                                  took too long" basically...

woozle     1/6/03   1:00 PM  last msg I have from them ends with "I am
                                  sorry but i would like to cancel this
                                  order..i ordered with you because of your
                                  great prices
                                  but delivery is not quick enough... "

woozle     1/6/03   1:00 PM  did you receive something after that?

Bubba      1/6/03   1:01 PM  let me copy/paste the last message

woozle     1/6/03   1:01 PM  k

Bubba      1/6/03   1:01 PM  thank you for your reply...Yes,i would still
                                  like the
                                  lamp.i was worried that maybe i was
                                  --- Bubba <b@vbz.net> wrote
                                  > Greetings, we would have gotten your lamp to
                                  you on
                                  > Christmas but the 
                                  > supplier did not send it to us.  They did
                                  charge us
                                  > for it but didn't 
                                  > deliver it.  I've got them checking on why
                                  > happened and we will gladly 
                                  > ship it as soon as it gets here.  We have
                                  another LB
                                  > order coming in this 
                                  > weeek and your lamp should be in it.  Are
                                  you sure
                                  > you'd like to cancel the 
                                  > order?  If you'd still like it we will
                                  discount it
                                  > AND throw in a little 
                                  > something extra for your patience.
                                  > Apologies and looking forward to your
                                  > Namast\E9,
                                  > B.
                                  > VBZ.NET

woozle     1/6/03   1:02 PM  ah. ok. Will un-cancel it, then... did you
                                  forward that to me?

Bubba      1/6/03   1:02 PM  Bcc'd you

woozle     1/6/03   1:03 PM  huh... I don't think I got that, but will look

Bubba      1/6/03   1:04 PM  eudora doesn't have a sent mail folder?

woozle     1/6/03   1:05 PM  I'll have to ask S. She's out doing errands.
                                  I'd be surprised if not, tho; it may be an
                                  option or something.

Bubba      1/6/03   1:05 PM  is the out box

woozle     1/6/03   1:06 PM  ah.

Bubba      1/6/03   1:06 PM  thought that would have been the qued to go

woozle     1/6/03   1:06 PM  it may be that they queue up in there to be
                                  sent, and then it just flags them as "sent"
                                  afterwards but they stay in the out box.

Bubba      1/6/03   1:07 PM  rt. it was sent on 1/5/03 at 12:05

Bubba      1/6/03   1:07 PM  and I did Bcc you

woozle     1/6/03   1:07 PM  maybe it got held up when the server went down
                                  or something

Bubba      1/6/03   1:07 PM  I also Bcc'd you telling her to disregard your
                                  cancellation notice

woozle     1/6/03   1:08 PM  I think I did see that one

Bubba      1/6/03   1:08 PM  Please disregard the cancelation notice Nick
                                  sent you.  He did not get notification that
                                  you still wanted it before he sent it.

woozle     1/6/03   1:08 PM  yes, got that

woozle     1/6/03   1:09 PM  ok, taking laptop downstairs to run credit

Bubba      1/6/03   1:09 PM  ok

woozle     1/6/03   1:14 PM  ok, card is good... generating restock...

Bubba      1/6/03   1:15 PM  kewl

woozle     1/6/03   1:18 PM  "Items Needed" is mysteriously showing some
                                  items as "get 0", as if we had stock or the
                                  item was already in a restock... need to track
                                  that down...

Bubba      1/6/03   1:18 PM  kmp

woozle     1/6/03   4:42 PM  Ok, I _think_ I've got the problem solved. But
                                  I just remembered I need to run test charges
                                  on the LB items...

woozle     1/6/03   4:42 PM  do we have 2 Stealie terrapins in stock?

woozle     1/6/03   4:42 PM  If so, I should run that one too.

woozle     1/6/03   6:11 PM  got my msgs?

Bubba      1/6/03   6:12 PM  Just getting back.  Was cooking dinner 2
                                  Stealie terrapins in stock? - pretty sure

woozle     1/6/03   6:12 PM  lmk

Bubba      1/6/03   6:12 PM  k

Bubba      1/6/03   7:37 PM  hey

Bubba      1/6/03   7:40 PM  did D5377 get ordered in the last batch or the
                                  coming order?  He's threatening legal action
                                  for some reason.

woozle     1/6/03   7:45 PM  cking

woozle     1/6/03   7:46 PM  To be ordered tomorrow. I just emailed him
                                  that there was a problem with his credit card
                                  -- so on what basis would he threaten?

woozle     1/6/03   7:47 PM  I will reply

woozle     1/6/03   7:53 PM  did you find terrapins? Gonna look tomorrow
                                  when it's light?

Bubba      1/6/03   8:54 PM  terrapins tomorrow yes

Bubba      1/6/03   8:55 PM  Threaten - Don't know how or why, just that.

woozle     1/6/03   8:58 PM  I responded

woozle     1/6/03   8:58 PM  he's probly one of those what assumes we
                                  debited already, at time of purchase

Bubba      1/6/03   8:59 PM  got it

Bubba      1/6/03   9:00 PM  I've a wife to drop at the hospital and a loft
                                  to pick up so I'll TTYT unless there's
                                  something else rt now

woozle     1/6/03   9:00 PM  let me know about the terrapins asap tomorrow
                                  -- then I can debit both that one and the ZR
                                  customer who responded just now saying yes
                                  they still want the shirt, at the same time

Bubba      1/6/03   9:00 PM  ok

woozle     1/6/03   9:00 PM  ththththtat's all, folks...drive safely

Bubba      1/6/03   9:01 PM  hope you get to feeling better

Bubba      1/6/03   9:01 PM  g'nite

woozle     1/6/03   9:01 PM  gradual improvement has been forthcoming
                                  throughout the day

woozle     1/6/03   9:01 PM  backatcha...

Bubba      1/6/03   9:01 PM  kewl

woozle     1/6/03   9:55 PM  the large image for Elvis 68 Special is messed
                                  up... email me a good copy when you can.