2002 Divorce Settlement

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Livia has full custody of Anna. Livia keeps the two houses and the 4 acres on which they sit. $350 of the monthly rent from one of these houses is counted (until June 1, 2013, and only if the rent is actually received by Livia) towards Nick's child support payments, the total of which is $750/month. There is a visitation schedule giving Nick about 35 full Anna days per year (variable due to possible collisions with Livia's reserved days), plus a few odd hours. The schedule did not take into account the possibility of Nick being out-of-state, however, and needs to be revised (e.g. a visit of no more than 9 hours is not realistic when a round-trip to pick up Anna and drop her back off is 11 hours). Nick does all pickups/dropoffs as long as Livia doesn't move more than 100 miles from 2870 Danielsville Rd.


It really bothers me that "judgment" doesn't have an "e" after the "g". That really seems wrong.