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Saturday, December 21, 2002 (#355)
Friday Saturday Sunday
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  • what: ICQ dialogue between Bubba and Woozle
woozle     12/21/02 12:13 AM batch closed, $1068.74. Going to bed now
                                  (would fall asleep anyway if I didn't). TTY

woozle     12/21/02 9:44 AM  Got the $500 cashier's check for LB

woozle     12/21/02 9:44 AM  A blinkin' miracle worker, I am.

Bubba      12/21/02 11:41 AM mornin Blinky

Bubba      12/21/02 11:41 AM just rolling out.  Got to bed at 4+ 

woozle     12/21/02 11:42 AM LB pkg is here... having time-consuming DB

Bubba      12/21/02 11:42 AM hey the http://redistribution.org/cd is 404

woozle     12/21/02 11:42 AM can't do anything rt now

Bubba      12/21/02 11:42 AM any suggestions?

woozle     12/21/02 11:42 AM looking @ it

woozle     12/21/02 11:43 AM loads fine for me

Bubba      12/21/02 11:46 AM just checking the source...Lynne underlined
                                  the text in the email she sent out.  Would
                                  that screw up the link?

woozle     12/21/02 11:47 AM is there any punctuation immediately following
                                  the link?

Bubba      12/21/02 11:47 AM just the underline

woozle     12/21/02 11:47 AM when you click on the link, what is the exact
                                  URL showing in the browser?

Bubba      12/21/02 11:47 AM redistribution.org/cd_

woozle     12/21/02 11:47 AM the underline is part of the URL. Need to
                                  remove it.

Bubba      12/21/02 11:48 AM rt that's what I told her

Bubba      12/21/02 11:48 AM what does a redirect take?

woozle     12/21/02 11:48 AM about 10 minutes

Bubba      12/21/02 11:48 AM how do I do it?

Bubba      12/21/02 11:49 AM this went out to about 10,000 people

woozle     12/21/02 11:49 AM copy the .htaccess file from the root folder
                                  over to your disk

Bubba      12/21/02 11:49 AM last night

woozle     12/21/02 11:50 AM today's shipment is not going to make it to
                                  the PO, probably. This includes yesterday's 6
                                  or so pkgs which didn't make it yesterday and
                                  I was going to take them with today's.

woozle     12/21/02 11:50 AM was doing ok until the Packages table got

Bubba      12/21/02 11:50 AM Major Bummer Captain

woozle     12/21/02 11:51 AM still working on it, but please don't
                                  interrupt until deadline passes or I get back
                                  from PO

Bubba      12/21/02 11:52 AM is copyibg the  .htaccess file from the root
                                  folder over to your disk all I have to do?

woozle     12/21/02 11:53 AM then you edit it and add a redirect entry. If
                                  there aren't any there to copy & use, let me

Bubba      12/21/02 11:53 AM k

woozle     12/21/02 11:55 AM this is killing me.

Bubba      12/21/02 11:56 AM wish you woulda come down here for this part,
                                  I coulda helped a lot

Bubba      12/21/02 11:57 AM my condolences suh

Bubba      12/21/02 11:57 AM this is what I have
                                  # -FrontPage-
                                  IndexIgnore .htaccess */.??* *~ *# */HEADER*
                                  */README* */_vti*
                                  <Limit GET POST>
                                  order deny,allow
                                  deny from all
                                  allow from all
                                  <Limit PUT DELETE>
                                  order deny,allow
                                  deny from all
                                  AuthName www.redistribution.org

woozle     12/21/02 11:58 AM that's not what I was expecting to see

Bubba      12/21/02 11:59 AM this is the front page, should I have gotten
                                  the htaccess from the CD page since that is
                                  hte trouble area?

woozle     12/21/02 12:00 PM www folder

Bubba      12/21/02 12:00 PM that's the one I got

woozle     12/21/02 12:01 PM I think I've fixed the DB... one record was
                                  bad. Deleted it.

Bubba      12/21/02 12:02 PM Lynne is thinknig that she only sent that link
                                  out to a few people and the link she sent to
                                  Juliet to resend is OK

Bubba      12/21/02 12:02 PM only sent bad link to a few

woozle     12/21/02 12:02 PM hope so. I can fix it later, just not now.

Bubba      12/21/02 12:02 PM like her mother and sister

Bubba      12/21/02 12:03 PM rt so it seem that there is no need to fix it

woozle     12/21/02 12:03 PM if expecting IT services, she should check
                                  stuff with the IT dept.

Bubba      12/21/02 12:03 PM swhat I said

Bubba      12/21/02 12:04 PM to her of course

woozle     12/21/02 12:07 PM damn, I knew I shouldn't have taken the time
                                  to find that one shirt. Adding the extra info
                                  is what killed the table and cost all this
                                  time, and the shirt I found isn't even the
                                  right size.

Bubba      12/21/02 12:08 PM OHHHHHHH

Bubba      12/21/02 12:08 PM NNOOOOOOOOO

Bubba      12/21/02 12:08 PM MR. NICK

Bubba      12/21/02 2:48 PM  MT01 < Trailer 3
                                  Can't find and think it was pulled last go
                                  round and was sent to you ZR-MILES-1605-M
                                  Corner shirt (Medium T-shirt) 
                                  2002-N01 < Trailer 3
                                  Got it -    ZR-JIMI-1401-M Swirl (Medium
                                  2002-N06 < Top of Piano (is actually in T3)
                                  Got it -    MT-MJ-64-L Pegasus (Large T-shirt)
                                  Couldn't find i last time cuz it was folded
                                  under on the side I looked down so it appeared
                                  that it wasn't there
                                  2002-N08 < Top of Piano (is actually in T3)
                                  Got it -  LB-11575-L/TD St. Stephen (Large -
                                  tie-dye T-shirt)
                                  2002-HAT01 < Top of Piano (is actually in T3)
                                      LB-00256 GD Bolt - navy (Cap)
                                  2002-GDB01 < Top of Piano (is actually in T3)
                                      LB-66081 Frosted (GD Bean Bear)

Bubba      12/21/02 2:49 PM  OOPS, - got Frosted

Bubba      12/21/02 2:49 PM  and hat

woozle     12/21/02 2:49 PM  cool. Getting a few under-1-lb pkgs into S's
                                  mailbox, with the postage we have on hand

Bubba      12/21/02 2:49 PM  k

Bubba      12/21/02 2:49 PM  and I need addresses

Bubba      12/21/02 2:49 PM  having to buy ink for pkg slps

woozle     12/21/02 2:49 PM  will do... almost done with these pkgs

woozle     12/21/02 3:22 PM  I don't have the Canon drivers installed on
                                  either Gonzo or the laptop, so I'm gonna
                                  upload some DBs for you and see if we can get
                                  you back "online" with the data again. First,

Bubba      12/21/02 3:22 PM  k

Bubba      12/21/02 3:23 PM  I've been drumming for a minnit w/the music
                                  really loud so I am a little deaf, can you
                                  speak up

Bubba      12/21/02 3:24 PM  bk in a long minute

woozle     12/21/02 3:43 PM  go ahead and download orders.data etc.zip; I'm
                                  going to start uploading the app partitions.
                                  Then I'll have to guide you on installation.

Bubba      12/21/02 3:46 PM  k

woozle     12/21/02 3:54 PM  now uploading orders.app.zip -- fetch that one
                                  when you're done with the first .zip.

Bubba      12/21/02 3:55 PM  rt dwnldng now

Bubba      12/21/02 3:56 PM  71%

woozle     12/21/02 3:57 PM  orders.app is still only 9%, so you'll probly
                                  finish with .data.etc before I'm done... so
                                  I'll have to let you know when it's ready.

Bubba      12/21/02 3:57 PM  k

Bubba      12/21/02 3:59 PM  dun

woozle     12/21/02 4:00 PM  15%. Go ahead and unzip the data stuff into
                                  your store data folder. Overwrite anything
                                  that's already there.

Bubba      12/21/02 4:01 PM  rt o

Bubba      12/21/02 4:02 PM  iss ess trak ted

woozle     12/21/02 4:02 PM  ok... 20% uploaded... gonna do some more
                                  packing while we wait...

Bubba      12/21/02 4:02 PM  nothing to do on my end for this?

Bubba      12/21/02 4:03 PM  yet

woozle     12/21/02 4:03 PM  not that I can think of... if you're curious,
                                  you can go ahead & load the .app part and see
                                  what's still working... some things may, some
                                  things probably won't.

Bubba      12/21/02 4:04 PM  before it's done uploading?

Bubba      12/21/02 4:05 PM  I just got cat., ord.,stock.data.mdb no apps

woozle     12/21/02 4:05 PM  the old app partition is partially compatible
                                  with the new one; I'm just saying if you're
                                  curious to see what's compatible, you could
                                  try it. But you'll need the new .app (still
                                  uploading -- & then you have to download it)
                                  to see the new features & have everything

Bubba      12/21/02 4:06 PM  i'll wait

woozle     12/21/02 4:06 PM  The .app partition you already have, is what I
                                  was referring to -- I believe there's a
                                  shortcut on your desktop, maybe?

woozle     12/21/02 4:06 PM  31%

Bubba      12/21/02 4:49 PM  do you have the order #'s handy for the ones
                                  I've got

woozle     12/21/02 4:56 PM  .app thingy is done uploading, you can go
                                  ahead and grab it... Guess we're not going to
                                  make the PO at the mall

Bubba      12/21/02 4:57 PM  dwnldng now

Bubba      12/21/02 4:57 PM  you or me

Bubba      12/21/02 4:57 PM  or both

woozle     12/21/02 4:57 PM  you... they close at 5:30, yes?

woozle     12/21/02 4:58 PM  no POs around here that take stuff after
                                  12:30, as far as I can tell

Bubba      12/21/02 4:58 PM  thot 6 but I'll call

woozle     12/21/02 4:58 PM  used to be 6, but they cut back earlier this

Bubba      12/21/02 4:58 PM  caw Ling

woozle     12/21/02 5:04 PM  I guess ZR didn't get our pkg out on Friday...
                                  no sign of it.

Bubba      12/21/02 5:05 PM  ...AND the PO closes at 5:30.  Shite!

woozle     12/21/02 5:16 PM  Oh well. I've finally figured out we shouldn't
                                  be in the deadline biz. Need to split the
                                  store into 2 parts -- 1: stuff in stock,
                                  delivery on a semi-Amazonlike timeline; 2:
                                  boutique or showroom or something like that --
                                  wide variety, delivery may take weeks or
                                  months, let us know when you need it by.

woozle     12/21/02 5:17 PM  In-stock store will deliver by Xmas, with a
                                  cutoff date about 5 biz days before. Boutique
                                  doesn't do much shipping around holidays cuz
                                  they're too busy with the in-stock part.

Bubba      12/21/02 5:25 PM  souds good except then we either have to spend
                                  a lot of money at Christmas or have a really
                                  limited selection w/a lot of 1 offs

woozle     12/21/02 5:25 PM  I don't follow your logic

woozle     12/21/02 5:25 PM  The in-stock store has a limited selection,
                                  which we can add to over the course of the

Bubba      12/21/02 5:26 PM  how do we tell the 50,000,000 people on line
                                  that we have 1-CT07

woozle     12/21/02 5:27 PM  By showing it in the in-stock store

Bubba      12/21/02 5:27 PM  better to load the boutique into ebay

woozle     12/21/02 5:27 PM  With a real-time inventory checking thingy

woozle     12/21/02 5:27 PM  ebay is too much trouble to get everything up

woozle     12/21/02 5:27 PM  maybe for a few select items

Bubba      12/21/02 5:28 PM  we may make more money w/people really wanting
                                  that one thing and the auction is over just in
                                  time to get it to the my Christmas

Bubba      12/21/02 5:28 PM  ebay now has store fronts and such

woozle     12/21/02 5:28 PM  Oh -- I noticed at the PO someone mailing
                                  something which had been wrapped in tape which
                                  said "GOTO.com -- your path to auction sales"
                                  or something like that

Bubba      12/21/02 5:29 PM  really?  Let's check it out when I get back,
                                  I'm scheduled to be at a Christmas dinner 

woozle     12/21/02 5:29 PM  All I know re ebay or whatever is I don't want
                                  to deal with anymore scheduling nightmares.

Bubba      12/21/02 5:29 PM  RAHHHHHHHHGHT

Bubba      12/21/02 5:30 PM  it always took both of us every other year.

woozle     12/21/02 5:30 PM  Couldn't have done it even with two this year,
                                  starting when we did.

Bubba      12/21/02 5:30 PM  b bk

Bubba      12/21/02 5:30 PM  true and ttyl

woozle     12/21/02 5:30 PM  And if I'd been in Athens, I wouldn't have had
                                  $500 for LB...

woozle     12/21/02 5:31 PM  tttylllll

Bubba      12/21/02 5:31 PM  fritzing

Bubba      12/21/02 5:31 PM  couldn't see your response.  will reboot when
                                  I get back

woozle     12/21/02 6:53 PM  You can put the Pegasus shirt back -- I must
                                  have found one here, cuz I remember shipping
                                  one and I show no open orders for it.

Bubba      12/21/02 9:42 PM  so to where do I extract the .app?

woozle     12/21/02 9:43 PM  Find the shortcut on your desk top -- get its
                                  properties to find out what folder it's in

Bubba      12/21/02 9:46 PM  win zip encountered problems during this .....

Bubba      12/21/02 9:46 PM  yes to all

Bubba      12/21/02 9:47 PM  and then prob

Bubba      12/21/02 9:47 PM  C:\etc\aps\Shared\Store\backup

woozle     12/21/02 9:47 PM  what problems? There should be a log you can
                                  click to view...

woozle     12/21/02 9:48 PM  should be in c:\etc\aps\shared\store  -- not

Bubba      12/21/02 9:48 PM  Dll: C:\Program Files\WinZip\WZ32.DLL -
                                  10/17/98 7:00 AM
                                  Extracting to
                                  Use Path: yes   Overlay Files: no
                                  Extracting orders.app.mdb
                                  Error:  invalid compressed data to inflate

woozle     12/21/02 9:49 PM  humm. That sounds like a bad download. Did you
                                  have any problems downloading?

Bubba      12/21/02 9:49 PM  \store and...
                                  Dll: C:\Program Files\WinZip\WZ32.DLL -
                                  10/17/98 7:00 AM
                                  Extracting to "C:\etc\aps\Shared\Store\"
                                  Use Path: yes   Overlay Files: no
                                  Extracting orders.app.mdb
                                  Error:  invalid compressed data to inflate

Bubba      12/21/02 9:49 PM  no

woozle     12/21/02 9:49 PM  Did it transfer in binary mode?

Bubba      12/21/02 9:50 PM  re ftping

Bubba      12/21/02 9:50 PM  auto

woozle     12/21/02 9:50 PM  y

woozle     12/21/02 9:51 PM  you can try running one of them, but my guess
                                  is that it would be corrupted and wouldn't

woozle     12/21/02 9:52 PM  "one of them" reflects momentary confusion. I
                                  mean you can try running orders.app.mb

woozle     12/21/02 9:52 PM  mdb

Bubba      12/21/02 10:22 PM re download and still
                                  Dll: C:\Program Files\WinZip\WZ32.DLL -
                                  10/17/98 7:00 AM
                                  Extracting to "C:\etc\aps\Shared\Store\"
                                  Use Path: yes   Overlay Files: no
                                  Extracting orders.app.mdb
                                  Error:  invalid compressed data to inflate

woozle     12/21/02 10:23 PM what version of WinZip are you using?

Bubba      12/21/02 10:32 PM i don't know

woozle     12/21/02 10:33 PM run winzip to find the version

Bubba      12/21/02 10:33 PM already open

Bubba      12/21/02 10:33 PM close reopen?

woozle     12/21/02 10:34 PM menu: Help / About WinZip...

Bubba      12/21/02 10:34 PM 7.0

Bubba      12/21/02 10:35 PM SR-1

woozle     12/21/02 10:35 PM I'm running 8.1, so it's possible there's a
                                  format problem... checking on another
                                  possibility first.

Bubba      12/21/02 10:36 PM I'll just upgrade

woozle     12/21/02 10:36 PM k

Bubba      12/21/02 10:37 PM which do I want? Do we own and get free
                                  upgrade or eval

woozle     12/21/02 10:38 PM I did register a copy... let me find info...

Bubba      12/21/02 10:38 PM will start download of upgrade

woozle     12/21/02 10:38 PM reg info:
                                  Nick Staddon

woozle     12/21/02 10:39 PM That will probably only work if you're running
                                  full version now... does it nag you to
                                  register when you start it?

Bubba      12/21/02 10:40 PM will check

Bubba      12/21/02 10:40 PM no it just opens

woozle     12/21/02 10:40 PM My eval copy just now accepted that reg info,
                                  so I guess the full version is the same as the

Bubba      12/21/02 10:41 PM k

woozle     12/21/02 10:42 PM looks like my file didn't finish uploading --
                                  file on server is short by a couple hundred

woozle     12/21/02 10:43 PM oh wait, was reading wrong column... no,
                                  they're both 3,284,221 bytes. How about your
                                  copy? (Get properties to find exact file

Bubba      12/21/02 10:46 PM am downloading WZ so to work FTP would be
                                  sooooooo ssslllllllllooooooooowwwwwwww

Bubba      12/21/02 10:46 PM 8 minutes to go

Bubba      12/21/02 10:48 PM y assuming it all got here

Bubba      12/21/02 10:48 PM 3,208k

woozle     12/21/02 10:49 PM get exact file size in bytes from the
                                  Properties page

woozle     12/21/02 10:50 PM (and don't talk to _me_ about slow... Mel's
                                  downloading umpty-zillion MP3s from KaZaa as
                                  we [ try to ] speak... ICQ is not happy.)

Bubba      12/21/02 10:51 PM is same

woozle     12/21/02 10:51 PM as mine?

Bubba      12/21/02 10:51 PM KaZaa?

Bubba      12/21/02 10:51 PM 3,284,221 bytes

woozle     12/21/02 10:51 PM k

Bubba      12/21/02 10:52 PM KaZaa?

woozle     12/21/02 10:53 PM i've never used it; all I know is it has mp3s
                                  of popular music, is probably illegal, and is
                                  one of those Napster-replacements

Bubba      12/21/02 10:54 PM oh

woozle     12/21/02 10:54 PM i'm guessing it's distributed file-sharing &
                                  therefore not as easy to stop as napster

Bubba      12/21/02 10:55 PM hmmm

Bubba      12/21/02 11:24 PM did you reupload?