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Monday, December 16, 2002 (#350)
Sunday Monday Tuesday
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  • what: log of ICQ conversation between Bubba and Woozle
Bubba      12/16/02 9:55 PM  shirts left here priority to you today

woozle     12/16/02 9:56 PM  Cool. Was gonna ask.

Bubba      12/16/02 9:56 PM  didn't compile a list, but they're the ones we
                                  talked about

woozle     12/16/02 9:56 PM  Except there's one I probably wish I'd had you
                                  ship direct, cuz he needs it by the 20th...
                                  I'll overnight it if necessary, I spoze.

woozle     12/16/02 9:57 PM  Only that one may be a new one, so you may
                                  still have it. Let me check...

Bubba      12/16/02 10:01 PM anything?

woozle     12/16/02 10:02 PM Well, I may have been confused, in my haste...
                                  I _think_ I found the one I thot we had down
                                  there, but we don't have the sizes he needed.

Bubba      12/16/02 10:02 PM k

woozle     12/16/02 10:02 PM Checking what I sent...

woozle     12/16/02 10:08 PM it was Dead Soccer -- he wanted M or L, and I
                                  kooda _sworn_ I saw we had both -- but now I
                                  see only 1X and 2X. Re-emailing him...

woozle     12/16/02 10:23 PM heading up... 'night...

Bubba      12/16/02 10:24 PM nite

Bubba      12/16/02 10:24 PM I'll be more alive tomorrow

Bubba      12/16/02 10:24 PM day after always kicks my ass

woozle     12/16/02 10:25 PM don't turn the pacemaker up too high...

Bubba      12/16/02 10:25 PM rt o

Bubba      12/16/02 10:25 PM nite