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Saturday, December 14, 2002 (#348)
Friday Saturday Sunday
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  • what: log of ICQ conversation between Bubba and Woozle
woozle     12/14/02 8:25 AM  finally figgered out why audio file uploads
                                  kept stalling -- there must be a disk quota on
                                  RDA's account. Unfortunately, my password to
                                  change the quota has been mislaid and I'll
                                  have to jump thru some hoops to recreate

woozle     12/14/02 8:28 AM  fixed it.

Bubba      12/14/02 8:51 AM  mornin

woozle     12/14/02 8:52 AM  mawnin shug

Bubba      12/14/02 8:52 AM  thank you 

Bubba      12/14/02 8:53 AM  for the site stuff

woozle     12/14/02 8:53 AM  yr welky, as Anna might say

woozle     12/14/02 8:54 AM  now uploading lo-fi MP3s, which I thot might
                                  get something up there for all trax sooner

Bubba      12/14/02 8:54 AM  kewl

Bubba      12/14/02 8:55 AM  I've promised to go help a friend build some
                                  walls of their house today

woozle     12/14/02 8:56 AM  k

woozle     12/14/02 8:56 AM  Did you get my Qs last night about MT06?

Bubba      12/14/02 8:56 AM  but L will be here and she's gonna winpopup me
                                  stuff to send to you before I leave

Bubba      12/14/02 8:56 AM  MT06 - looking

Bubba      12/14/02 8:59 AM  the 06 box in your room has 2 pegasus but only
                                  1-xl 1-xx

woozle     12/14/02 8:59 AM  that's what the inventory list shows

woozle     12/14/02 9:00 AM  let me send you a list, and you check off
                                  which items are in each version of MT06...

Bubba      12/14/02 9:00 AM  so you did inv that box

Bubba      12/14/02 9:00 AM  k

woozle     12/14/02 9:01 AM  Let's call the one in the trailer MT06-2002
                                  and the office one MT07-2002 -- you got a pen
                                  to relabel with?

Bubba      12/14/02 9:02 AM  y 

Bubba      12/14/02 9:02 AM  the others are 2002 - #

woozle     12/14/02 9:05 AM  MT-KU-02-1X Blue Dragon (eXtra Large T-shirt)
                                  MT-KU-02-3X Blue Dragon (3x eXtra Large
                                  MT-AJ-101-1X Blue Sea Rising (eXtra Large
                                  MT-AJ-101-L Blue Sea Rising (Large T-shirt)
                                  MT-AJ-101-2X Blue Sea Rising (2x eXtra Large
                                  MT-AJ-101-3X Blue Sea Rising (3x eXtra Large
                                  MT-MJ-64-1X Pegasus (eXtra Large T-shirt)
                                  MT-MJ-64-2X Pegasus (2x eXtra Large T-shirt)
                                  MT-MJ-62-3X Dragon Lair (3x eXtra Large
                                  MT-RW-8-2X Among the Pines (2x eXtra Large
                                  MT-RW-8-3X Among the Pines (3x eXtra Large
                                  MT-RW-8-M Among the Pines (Medium T-shirt)
                                  MT-RW-8-1X Among the Pines (eXtra Large
                                  MT-AJ-103-3X Night Watch (3x eXtra Large
                                  MT-AJ-103-2X Night Watch (2x eXtra Large
                                  MT-AJ-103-1X Night Watch (eXtra Large T-shirt)
                                  MT-RW-8-L Among the Pines (Large T-shirt)
                                  MT-KU-04-1X Black Dragon (eXtra Large T-shirt)
                                  MT-AJ-037-TLS/2X White Magic (2x eXtra Large
                                  Longsleeve T-shirt)		
                                  MT-JC-03-1X Last Words (eXtra Large T-shirt)

woozle     12/14/02 9:06 AM  I've noticed that locations tend to sort in a
                                  confusing way when the year comes first, so
                                  I'm changing the names to NAME-YEAR instead of

woozle     12/14/02 9:06 AM  but I'm leaving them as YEAR-NAME in the db
                                  until the new name has actually been written
                                  on the box

Bubba      12/14/02 9:07 AM  The quick brown fox...etc..etc...etc...

woozle     12/14/02 9:08 AM  I'm sure that's related... somehow...

Bubba      12/14/02 9:10 AM  This is me...Lynne...at my own computer.  As
                                  in... not the one where Bubba is sitting...and
                                  I am seeing if I can talk to Bubba or You from
                                  here... Evidently, my message about the fast
                                  fox reached NC, eh?

Bubba      12/14/02 9:13 AM  My purpose in trying to initiate this was to
                                  send messages through Bubba to you in my own
                                  words... My original thought was to tell you
                                  how wonderful the Audio clip section looks and
                                  to thank you so much for the time and effort
                                  that you obviously put into it....L.

woozle     12/14/02 9:14 AM  yes, got the fox test msg...

woozle     12/14/02 9:16 AM  You're welcome re the web site. It's About The
                                  Music, and all that... I really don't mind
                                  doing it; I only mind being held to deadlines
                                  I wasn't involved with planning and that sort
                                  of thing. And if I ever say "It'll be a piece
                                  of cake", that should be understood to mean
                                  "assuming everything works the way it should,
                                  given the present set of expectations" --
                                  either that, or I'm not paying attention to
                                  what you're asking...

Bubba      12/14/02 9:20 AM  In retrospect... I think it was the latter...
                                  because I also asked specifically... if you
                                  would be willing and able to do it by 5:00
                                  last Saturday... and you said, yes.  As time
                                  went on this week... I began to realize that
                                  you felt I was prodding you to hurry up and do
                                  something that you felt you hadn't been asked
                                  to do... If I hadn't made commitments based on
                                  what you had maybe unwittingly agreed to... I
                                  would have just said nevermind... I'm really
                                  sorry for the misunderstanding...

woozle     12/14/02 9:23 AM  Well, I do remember Saturday being a deadline
                                  -- I was planning to do this stuff Friday
                                  afternoon, possibly Saturday morning.

woozle     12/14/02 9:24 AM  I suppose it's just as well I started on it
                                  earlier, cuz I'd forgotten how long the files
                                  would take to upload -- but then again, if I
                                  had turned my full attention to it, I might
                                  have thought to check the disk quota _first_
                                  instead of the next morning...

woozle     12/14/02 9:25 AM  "if I had turned my full attention to it"
                                  being something that would have happened if
                                  I'd done all my stuff first and not had it on
                                  my mind while trying to do the CD stuff, as
                                  opposed to being kinda pushed into the CD
                                  stuff before I was done with my stuff.

Bubba      12/14/02 9:25 AM  It was last Saturday that I was talking
                                  about... A massive email was scheduled to go
                                  out this past Monday... that's where the
                                  confusion must have come in.. as in "Which
                                  Saturday?" each of us were talking about...

woozle     12/14/02 9:27 AM  Last Saturday? Sho nuff, I don't remember
                                  that. Or maybe because of the power outage, I
                                  just figured all bets were off and crossed it
                                  off my list.

woozle     12/14/02 9:27 AM  I certainly never put it in my "formal" to-do

woozle     12/14/02 9:28 AM  (power outage combined with my main computer
                                  being down for the count, I should say)

Bubba      12/14/02 9:28 AM  The other misunderstanding was in the number
                                  of tracks I was thinking you were going to
                                  do... I didn't think you would be able to
                                  upload the whole CD like you did... I had only
                                  asked for "A Chance for Peace" and "Merry
                                  Christmas America..."  This whole thing has
                                  evidently taken place with each of us speaking
                                  another language...  

Bubba      12/14/02 9:31 AM  I'm told that the universe is perfect and that
                                  all things will work together for the best if
                                  we try to breathe through it... My breathing
                                  has tried to slide into a wild panting kind of
                                  a thing from time to time... but I'm still
                                  hopeful about the universe and all....

woozle     12/14/02 9:32 AM  If you put that (about which trax you wanted)
                                  in an email, I haven't gotten to it yet --
                                  which is in turn because of the down-time
                                  causing the huge backlog in my email
                                  processing. If you only said it to me, it's
                                  unlikely I'd be able to remember it in a pinch
                                  (such as doing stuff in a hurry last thing
                                  before bedtime). If you put it in an ICQ, then
                                  I'm surprised I don't remember it.

Bubba      12/14/02 9:37 AM  These conversations took place when you were
                                  here last Friday... Up untilTuesday or
                                  Wednesday... we thought Sven was going to do
                                  this... Then Bubba was trying to do it,
                                  himself, and when he ran into problems... we
                                  were trying to reach you to get help for him
                                  to continue the process... We couldn't reach
                                  you... and couldn't reach you... and then got
                                  an email that you were almost here.... When
                                  you got here... we explained the situation... 
                                  There was alot going on... I was prepared to
                                  continue to frantically look for help
                                  elsewhere.  I understood that things were
                                  really crazy for you...

woozle     12/14/02 9:42 AM  Ok... well, to the best of my recollection I
                                  never took on that Saturday as a personal
                                  deadline; I only agreed to help Bubba get it
                                  up as soon as possible given the other things
                                  I had to do. I do remember it being a deadline
                                  in general.

woozle     12/14/02 9:43 AM  And then I remember _this_ Saturday being a
                                  deadline because the show was going to air,
                                  sometime in the afternoon presumably (around
                                  when the original show was supposed to air but
                                  didn't), which to my mind meant that I had all
                                  day Friday and Saturday morning to work on it.

woozle     12/14/02 9:44 AM  I think the confusion over the audio clips
                                  arose because when I was saying "not now not
                                  now" to B a day or two ago, he said "well
                                  can't you at least get the audio clips up?",
                                  and not having remembered that there was a
                                  request for just 2-3 specific clips, I
                                  pictured "audio clips" as the way I thought it
                                  should be done, i.e. all of them...

Bubba      12/14/02 9:46 AM  I was actually a bit surprised that you agreed
                                  to do it... I thought it must be because it
                                  wasn't as hard for you as it would have been
                                  for someone with less experience... I also
                                  thought that alot of what would be done...
                                  would be done by Bubba, with explanations and
                                  instructions from you... from time to time.. I
                                  knew the sound clips would have to be all
                                  you... but that's what you said would be a
                                  peice of cake... at which time I asked if
                                  you'd be willing to do them and if you could
                                  have them up before the show was supposed to
                                  air at 5:00... Of course... I also said I was
                                  only talking about the 2 tracks... So again...
                                  the language thing and the fact that you may
                                  have been trying to paralell process and
                                  though it wasn't obvious to me... it was an
                                  unsuccessful attempt... Obviously.. this has
                                  been tough thing for both of us and it's too
                                  late to undo what's gone down so far...I will
                                  apologize, once more, for my part in the

Bubba      12/14/02 9:50 AM  The clips still stick and stammer the way they
                                  did when I first checked on them... Could it
                                  be that there is just too much data going on? 
                                  If we need to go back to the idea of just 2-4
                                  tracks total... I could easily live with
                                  that... What do you think?

woozle     12/14/02 10:00 AM had a little problem there with ICQ refusing
                                  to reconnect... had to reboot Beaker (our

woozle     12/14/02 10:00 AM Will re-read your last 2 msgs, which I saved.
                                  One moment...

woozle     12/14/02 10:03 AM With the extra context you have now provided,
                                  I think I remember saying "piece of cake". I
                                  remember thinking that encoding them was a
                                  piece of cake, and that I could just leave
                                  them uploading overnight. Actually finding the
                                  files to encode turned out to be a bit more of
                                  an ordeal than expected, and then Gonzo
                                  wouldn't let me play audio so I could make
                                  sure to use the correct mix of "Remember" --
                                  so I spent extra time fighting with Gonzo to
                                  get him working, which is where the "if
                                  everything works as expected, given [my
                                  understanding of] the present set of
                                  expectations..." comes in.

woozle     12/14/02 10:04 AM If Bubba could have reminded me that only 2
                                  tracks were needed, that would have been
                                  helpful, but I suppose he didn't realize I was
                                  planning to do the whole CD (because I didn't
                                  remember anything else having been discussed,
                                  at least not recently enough to think that
                                  that was what "get the audio clips up" was
                                  referring to).

woozle     12/14/02 10:05 AM But in any case, my negative energy about that
                                  is minimal.

Bubba      12/14/02 10:08 AM I guess we can be thankful for that...In
                                  looking back at what was said and by whom and
                                  when... It should be no surprise to any of us
                                  that it happened in the same week that the
                                  political version of "Who's on first" was

Bubba      12/14/02 10:14 AM hey

Bubba      12/14/02 10:15 AM is B

woozle     12/14/02 10:15 AM Finishing up what I was saying to Lynne...

Bubba      12/14/02 10:15 AM k

Bubba      12/14/02 10:15 AM I'm gonna set her up w/an ICQ account

woozle     12/14/02 10:16 AM Sounds like a good ideer.

Bubba      12/14/02 10:20 AM bak to lynne

Bubba      12/14/02 10:20 AM I'll set her up later

Bubba      12/14/02 10:20 AM I was just gonna ask

Bubba      12/14/02 10:20 AM are we planning to get all the orders through
                                  monday into the flow so they all get to the
                                  customer in tome?

woozle     12/14/02 10:22 AM What I was going to say to Lynne (perhaps you
                                  could email it to her?):
                                  I was mainly perturbed by this sequence of
                                  events --
                                  1. I agree to help out with making last-minute
                                  changes to the web site. I had a small but
                                  significant level of irritation at that point,
                                  due to things like (a) the fact that this
                                  kinda rearranged both B's and my priorities
                                  unexpectedly, and (b) the fact that the site
                                  had been reorganized without my input -- not a
                                  problem in itself, but now I was having to fix
                                  something which (to my mind) hadn't been
                                  broken before...
                                  2. I agree to get the rest of the changes up
                                  by Saturday (today). At that point, I
                                  understood the necessary changes to be mainly
                                  small tidy-up and inserting text from Word
                                  docs. I understood the audio trax to be
                                  something which could happen later if need be,
                                  though at that time I didn't see any problem
                                  with getting them online by Saturday
                                  3. Thu/Fri, B starts leaning on me to get the
                                  changes made -- while I'm in the middle of
                                  trying to get my priorities taken care of to
                                  get cash flowing again ASAP. Saturday noon
                                  being a shipping deadline up here (PO closes
                                  at noon on Sat.) At that point, the necessary
                                  changes don't seem like they would take more
                                  than 30-60 mins to get an accepatable site
                                  going, with perhaps another 60 minutes of
                                  4. Thursday evening I still am not able to get
                                  to the revisions -- but there's all of Friday
                                  and half of Saturday, so what's the problem.
                                  But no, "at least get the audio clips up".
                                  This represents a change of direction from
                                  what I understood; have to go find the audio,
                                  encode it if necessary, and start the upload.
                                  So I did what I could and was able to get
                                  things moving -- but in a kind of
                                  half-prepared way, and Friday a.m. the files
                                  still aren't finished (I don't remember what
                                  the issue was then), where if I had been
                                  5. And finally, Friday everyone's still
                                  worrying about getting the site revisions
                                  online, when the deadline is still 12-24 hours
                                  away, and I've just been diverted to work on
                                  the most time-consuming part of it (the
                                  So I hope that explains my irritation... Which
                                  by now is fairly minimal, cuz things are under

woozle     12/14/02 10:23 AM orders/flow... thinking...

woozle     12/14/02 10:23 AM caint dew sheeyit until some money hits the ST

woozle     12/14/02 10:24 AM ...so I was focussing on processing orders
                                  what we gots stock for, so as to add to the
                                  pile in the queue.

woozle     12/14/02 10:25 AM We dodged the bullet with the bank; our
                                  balance was negative 49 cents yesterday, and I
                                  guess they don't charge an NSF if it's
                                  negative by less than a dollar or something,
                                  cuz they didn't... gonna check and see what it
                                  is today...

woozle     12/14/02 10:26 AM Or, rather, negative 46 cents, which it still
                                  is today. (yay.)

Bubba      12/14/02 10:26 AM will $ hit monday or should I put some in

woozle     12/14/02 10:26 AM And there's about $35 in the queue, so there
                                  shouldn't be any further NSFs. (yay again)

woozle     12/14/02 10:27 AM Several hundred in the pipeline but not yet in
                                  the queue, so Mon or Tues we should be able to
                                  order something.

woozle     12/14/02 10:28 AM How odd... they actually _did_ charge a $30
                                  NSF, but then they reversed and put it back

woozle     12/14/02 10:28 AM Maybe they saw the cc deposit in the queue.

Bubba      12/14/02 10:28 AM IF I HAD THE MONEY TO PLACE ORDERS, WOULD I
                                  GET IT BACK OUT OF THE FIRST MONIES BACK IN
                                  CUZ IT IDDN"T MINE AND I HAVE TO GIVE IT BACK
                                  BUT I CAN USE IT TILL I HAVE TO GIVE IT BACK
                                  BEFORE CHRISTMAS?

woozle     12/14/02 10:29 AM No need to shout...

Bubba      12/14/02 10:29 AM more clearity than shouting

woozle     12/14/02 10:29 AM I don't want to promise that money invested
                                  would come back out. Two or 3 times I've
                                  borrowed from S thinking that I could pay it
                                  back -- and then something happens lilke Dead
                                  Bears or FedEx charges and suddenly I can't.

Bubba      12/14/02 10:30 AM I'd just really really need it back and this
                                  seems like a safe time to do it.  No back
                                  orders and if you prerun the cards before we

Bubba      12/14/02 10:31 AM itshould be back before Christmas

woozle     12/14/02 10:32 AM That's what I keep thinking, but it only
                                  happens about one time in 4.

Bubba      12/14/02 10:32 AM at Christmas?

woozle     12/14/02 10:33 AM There's at least as much screwy stuff going on
                                  now as at any other time of year.

woozle     12/14/02 10:34 AM when is your BBT check card supposed to

Bubba      12/14/02 10:34 AM few more days 7 business and it's been 5

woozle     12/14/02 10:34 AM schpifhphy

woozle     12/14/02 11:24 AM Take a look at the tracks now (tell Lynne)...
                                  I've got one streaming MP3 up, and it seems to
                                  work... on my system, it downloads about 2/3
                                  of the way and then plays all the way thru
                                  with no interruption.

Bubba      12/14/02 6:37 PM  Hey Nick...

Bubba      12/14/02 7:32 PM  LUCY...I'M HOOOOOMMMME

Bubba      12/14/02 8:29 PM  how-D

Bubba      12/14/02 8:43 PM  froogle.com goes to froogle.google.com

Bubba      12/14/02 8:44 PM  then do a search for vbz.net and then choose
                                  to look at everything from vbz.net

Bubba      12/14/02 8:45 PM  it's severely limited but hell they have some
                                  of our catalog in their db

Bubba      12/14/02 8:46 PM  a chunk of it is Flores $600 stuff

Bubba      12/14/02 9:18 PM  NIIIIIIUUUUCKKKKK

Bubba      12/14/02 9:21 PM  brb

woozle     12/14/02 9:22 PM  back, briefly

Bubba      12/14/02 9:27 PM  bk

Bubba      12/14/02 9:27 PM  filling my trough

Bubba      12/14/02 9:31 PM  the site looks good.  TY

woozle     12/14/02 9:35 PM  kewel

woozle     12/14/02 9:36 PM  was over on Gonzo... you had some duplicate
                                  Bob images under \Jimi; had to tell the db
                                  these are not the droids you are looking

woozle     12/14/02 9:36 PM  now running image pre-processing b4 attempting
                                  to run rebuild I had started before the lights
                                  went out...

Bubba      12/14/02 9:42 PM  Lynne is just going nuts in the site

Bubba      12/14/02 9:42 PM  playing song after song 

woozle     12/14/02 9:43 PM  glad the MP3 streaming is working... it's nice
                                  to be free of RealAudio's adfest...

Bubba      12/14/02 9:43 PM  she must have said..."You seen this?" and
                                  shows somebody a page

Bubba      12/14/02 9:43 PM  RA - rt

woozle     12/14/02 9:43 PM  going up to slepe now...

woozle     12/14/02 9:43 PM  tty tomorry

Bubba      12/14/02 9:44 PM  OK I'll be doing the building a house thing
                                  tomorrow so I may not talk to you till the
                                  following morning

woozle     12/14/02 9:44 PM  k

Bubba      12/14/02 9:44 PM  call me on my cell phone if you need me to
                                  answer ?'s

Bubba      12/14/02 9:44 PM  desperately

Bubba      12/14/02 9:45 PM  g'nite

Bubba      12/14/02 9:51 PM  hey quick ?

Bubba      12/14/02 9:55 PM  is the MP3 on the site high enough quality to
                                  burn a CD from w/o losing much quality?

Bubba      12/14/02 9:56 PM  if it is then we're giving away that which we
                                  are selling.  

Bubba      12/14/02 9:57 PM  is there a way to charge $1 per song for
                                  downloads or is that picking the fields too

Bubba      12/14/02 10:15 PM Hey Nick...