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Wednesday, December 4, 2002 (#338)
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On this date:

  • This was the day the 5 GB hard drive on Gonzo Mark I, my main computer, started flaking out (see ICQ); I may have left it in some sort of diagnostic mode overnight, but then overnight the power went out and stayed out for nearly a week (came back on 2002/12/09, although we didn't actually re-occupy to the house until 2002/12/10).


  • what: ICQ conversation between Woozle and Bubba
Bubba      12/4/02  2:07 AM  have you checked your email in the last 22

woozle     12/4/02  2:08 AM  nope

Bubba      12/4/02  2:09 AM  a nice little order for only $204

woozle     12/4/02  2:09 AM  uploading 200MB of images -- ftp doesn't seem
                                  to be as smart about not re-uploading
                                  duplicates as it should be...

woozle     12/4/02  2:09 AM  schpiffy

Bubba      12/4/02  2:09 AM  am I sposed to get teh updated DB from FTP?

woozle     12/4/02  2:09 AM  I keep meaning to send you stuff to pull, but
                                  getting these images up keeps taking longer...

woozle     12/4/02  2:10 AM  I will put an updated db in ftp next time I
                                  think of it, but it may not work

Bubba      12/4/02  2:10 AM  I just don't remember how it was sent last
                                  time after the fixes that might not work

woozle     12/4/02  2:10 AM  I don't remember if I uploaded one for you the
                                  other day, but I know I deleted one
                                  recently... I don't like to leave them there
                                  too long

Bubba      12/4/02  2:11 AM  kewl, so import when you can and send it on up

woozle     12/4/02  2:11 AM  yup

woozle     12/4/02  2:12 AM  probly more urgent is to send you list of
                                  shirts to pull

woozle     12/4/02  2:12 AM  but that should be updated from the latest
                                  orders, especially with that nice large one in

woozle     12/4/02  2:13 AM  I just got the topic-assigner app working
                                  again so I can categorize all the new stuff...
                                  it's been, like, the better part of a year
                                  since I've done that...

Bubba      12/4/02  2:19 AM  I should be keeping a running total from the
                                  orders anyway

woozle     12/4/02  3:52 PM  fyi: my C drive is clearly dying. It was
                                  making ugly noises this morning and refusing
                                  to boot. Fortunately, I was able to get it to
                                  boot eventually and copy all the work files
                                  over to S's new 80GB drive. I'm still trying
                                  to recover the rest of it (downloads and such)
                                  to save time setting up a new drive, but it's
                                  resisting me -- every now and then it
                                  hesitates and won't read, sometimes for just a
                                  few seconds and sometimes longer.

Bubba      12/4/02  4:11 PM  ouch! kmp

Bubba      12/4/02  4:12 PM  oh, goot morgun

woozle     12/4/02  4:12 PM  morkn

Bubba      12/4/02  4:12 PM  morkn mindy walk into a bar 

Bubba      12/4/02  4:18 PM  ZR ships today

Bubba      12/4/02  8:36 PM  hey

woozle     12/4/02  9:17 PM  cool about ZR. Monday/Tuesday, you think?

woozle     12/4/02  9:17 PM  btw, it's snowing up here... S says she tends
                                  to lose power easily, so if I go offline for
                                  an extended time...

Bubba      12/4/02  9:22 PM  lucky you

woozle     12/4/02  9:23 PM  yes, just us and the snow and three
                                  hyperactive kids and school will probably be
                                  closed tomorrow...

woozle     12/4/02  9:23 PM  fun from _their_ POV, I'm sure...

Bubba      12/4/02  9:23 PM  oh yea!

woozle     12/4/02  9:23 PM  (oh, and one working toilet...)

woozle     12/4/02  9:24 PM  (2 kids in toilet training)

Bubba      12/4/02  9:24 PM  snow's great until you have to drive in it

woozle     12/4/02  9:24 PM  heh... been there, done that, got the mental

Bubba      12/4/02  9:24 PM  as long as you have food and firewood incase
                                  the electric goes down

woozle     12/4/02  9:25 PM  up to a point, we are somewhat prepared, a

woozle     12/4/02  9:25 PM  howdy

Bubba      12/4/02  9:25 PM  my last big snow was the Blizzard of 78.  I
                                  promptly went to FL the following Nov. before
                                  they hit again

Bubba      12/4/02  9:25 PM  i fergot

woozle     12/4/02  9:26 PM  clever

Bubba      12/4/02  9:26 PM  howd you like those 2 fine art prints at 128

woozle     12/4/02  9:26 PM  was wondering if you could respond to some of
                                  our customer inquiries and just let them know
                                  there's been computer trouble... was going to
                                  respond today...

Bubba      12/4/02  9:26 PM  got tired of digging the same car out of the
                                  snowplows wake

woozle     12/4/02  9:26 PM  haven't seen my email yet today, but that's
                                  cool someone finally hors d'oeuvred those...

Bubba      12/4/02  9:27 PM  y and y

Bubba      12/4/02  9:28 PM  that's yes and yes

Bubba      12/4/02  9:28 PM  not why & y

Bubba      12/4/02  9:28 PM  or y & why

woozle     12/4/02  9:28 PM  rodger

Bubba      12/4/02  9:28 PM  or why & why

Bubba      12/4/02  9:29 PM  or

woozle     12/4/02  9:29 PM  that's not Rod and Gerry

Bubba      12/4/02  9:29 PM  the ice cream makers?

woozle     12/4/02  9:29 PM  Rod Stewart and Gerry Rafferty

woozle     12/4/02  9:29 PM  it's not them

Bubba      12/4/02  9:29 PM  mixed up Roddenbury

woozle     12/4/02  9:29 PM  that too, not

Bubba      12/4/02  9:29 PM  rod genenbury

Bubba      12/4/02  9:30 PM  bean rod & gerry

Bubba      12/4/02  9:30 PM  so you can see the confusion

woozle     12/4/02  9:30 PM  wilbur & orville redenbacher

Bubba      12/4/02  9:30 PM  says you are off line

woozle     12/4/02  9:31 PM  says you are offline, too.

Bubba      12/4/02  9:31 PM  I'm connected by my flower

woozle     12/4/02  9:31 PM  That must be why we can communicate.

Bubba      12/4/02  9:31 PM  well I am

woozle     12/4/02  9:31 PM  let's try this...

Bubba      12/4/02  9:32 PM  hey let go of my flower, i have to make a cake
                                  walk on by the way I like what you've done it

woozle     12/4/02  9:32 PM  how odd; I still see you as offline. I suspect
                                  I need to reboot, cuz I was going back & forth
                                  with Gonzo half-booting and crashing and such
                                  all morning...

woozle     12/4/02  9:32 PM  oh there, now yr online

Bubba      12/4/02  9:32 PM  always wuzz wooz 

woozle     12/4/02  9:33 PM  I've done what again and you like it?

Bubba      12/4/02  9:33 PM  if ever a wooz there wuzz

woozle     12/4/02  9:33 PM  the woozle is one becuzz

Bubba      12/4/02  9:33 PM  the wonderful wozzle is odd

woozle     12/4/02  9:33 PM  (I encourage this because it enhances the
                                  "wizard" mythos surrounding me)

Bubba      12/4/02  9:33 PM  curtain and all

woozle     12/4/02  9:34 PM  yes, I always did have difficulty paying

woozle     12/4/02  9:34 PM  found it easy to pay no attention

Bubba      12/4/02  9:34 PM  get that damn dog outta here

woozle     12/4/02  9:34 PM  to the man behind the curtain or much of
                                  anything else, really

Bubba      12/4/02  9:34 PM  sorry, what was that?

Bubba      12/4/02  9:34 PM  did you call me?

woozle     12/4/02  9:35 PM  you talking to me?

Bubba      12/4/02  9:35 PM  I miss doing our radio schtuph like this face
                                  to face

woozle     12/4/02  9:35 PM  aww, there there...

woozle     12/4/02  9:35 PM  (or should I say 'ere 'ere...)

Bubba      12/4/02  9:36 PM  covers both th and just h

woozle     12/4/02  9:36 PM  most convenient

Bubba      12/4/02  9:36 PM  air ear, ear air, air air, ear ear

Bubba      12/4/02  9:38 PM  speaking of convenience

Bubba      12/4/02  9:38 PM  where are we with order qty's

woozle     12/4/02  9:39 PM  we could have placed 2 or more orders last
                                  week; I haven't updated in several days. Was
                                  gonna do that this morning & send u a list of
                                  stuff to find...

woozle     12/4/02  9:39 PM  At the moment, still rebuilding stuff, so I
                                  can't do it now.

Bubba      12/4/02  9:39 PM  good the sooner we get on each after we've
                                  reached minimum the better we'll look for

Bubba      12/4/02  9:40 PM  what is our time limit to ship?

woozle     12/4/02  9:40 PM  HD gave up the ghost when I got around to
                                  copying the Windows folder, so I couldn't just
                                  ghost it over to the "new" HD. Currently
                                  running SpinRite on the "new" HD (actually
                                  Sandy's old 10GB) to make sure it's ok before
                                  I depend on it...

woozle     12/4/02  9:40 PM  time limit?

Bubba      12/4/02  9:41 PM  after processing card

woozle     12/4/02  9:41 PM  I've been told it's 72 hours, by an unofficial
                                  source (Juliet)

Bubba      12/4/02  9:42 PM  over night at $20 per order adds $1 per shirt
                                  and at this time of year probably worth it

woozle     12/4/02  9:42 PM  may be necessary... some folks needed their
                                  stuff by 12/15

Bubba      12/4/02  9:42 PM  and that's at a minimum order so if we have
                                  more than 20 in the order it's less per of

woozle     12/4/02  9:42 PM  and we don't yet have the $ to order their

woozle     12/4/02  9:43 PM  ZR is coming here, yes?

Bubba      12/4/02  9:43 PM  y

woozle     12/4/02  9:43 PM  should arrive maybe Tues?

Bubba      12/4/02  9:43 PM  new # in and everthin

Bubba      12/4/02  9:43 PM  maybe fri

woozle     12/4/02  9:43 PM  fingers crossed

Bubba      12/4/02  9:43 PM  got out today I think

Bubba      12/4/02  9:43 PM  was packed ad waiting

Bubba      12/4/02  9:43 PM  and

woozle     12/4/02  9:44 PM  priorities for getting back online are: 1.
                                  email 2. databases

Bubba      12/4/02  9:44 PM  got a code in mah nodes

Bubba      12/4/02  9:44 PM  her goot

woozle     12/4/02  9:44 PM  Bono, I mean u2, eh?

woozle     12/4/02  9:44 PM  got a lingering chest cough

Bubba      12/4/02  9:44 PM  no, I drink my pee

woozle     12/4/02  9:45 PM  nothing like a nice afternoon pee

Bubba      12/4/02  9:45 PM  spelled and ad which would be and if one has a
                                  code in ones nodes

Bubba      12/4/02  9:45 PM  first of the moring

Bubba      12/4/02  9:45 PM  morning

woozle     12/4/02  9:45 PM  do you stop around 4 pm and wonder aloud if
                                  it's peetime yet...

Bubba      12/4/02  9:45 PM  only if I'm in jolly ol'

woozle     12/4/02  9:45 PM  first cold press, eh?

Bubba      12/4/02  9:45 PM  midstream clean catch

Bubba      12/4/02  9:46 PM  hold yer breath slam it and chase it w/a
                                  little water

Bubba      12/4/02  9:46 PM  ahhhhh

woozle     12/4/02  9:46 PM  Get The Sensation

Bubba      12/4/02  9:47 PM  will you help me w/the RDA site?  

Bubba      12/4/02  9:47 PM  I'll put it up FTP and you look at it's
                                  lameness and make suggestions 

woozle     12/4/02  9:47 PM  will do what I can

woozle     12/4/02  9:48 PM  can't say time is of the essence, cuz it's
                                  seeming rather insubstantial these days (time,
                                  that is)... more fleeting than substantial...

Bubba      12/4/02  9:48 PM  and the CD's look good.

Bubba      12/4/02  9:49 PM  time is a stream

Bubba      12/4/02  9:49 PM  always the same and always different

Bubba      12/4/02  9:50 PM  in the time it takes you to type an average
                                  sentence, how many people died?  How many
                                  babies were born?

Bubba      12/4/02  9:50 PM  today was once tomorrow for me

Bubba      12/4/02  9:51 PM  and tomorrow still another yesterday someday

woozle     12/4/02  9:51 PM  "Yesterday today was tomorrow, and tomorrow
                                  today will be yesterday." - GH

Bubba      12/4/02  9:52 PM  but what is time and who is GH?

woozle     12/4/02  9:52 PM  not John, Paul, or Ringo

Bubba      12/4/02  9:52 PM  oh and Time's a magazine

woozle     12/4/02  9:52 PM  that's life

Bubba      12/4/02  9:52 PM  I tell time all the time and it never listens

woozle     12/4/02  9:53 PM  Time won't let me.

Bubba      12/4/02  9:54 PM  Is it on your side, or spilled down the front
                                  of your being like a raspberry Mister Misty on
                                  a white shirt?

woozle     12/4/02  9:56 PM  it's flowing like a river

woozle     12/4/02  9:56 PM  and ticking away the moments that make up a
                                  dull day

Bubba      12/4/02  9:56 PM  ah a stream of unconciousness

woozle     12/4/02  9:56 PM  stream of Floyd/Parsons, more like...

Bubba      12/4/02  9:57 PM  well yeah them too

Bubba      12/4/02  9:57 PM  insert seque here

woozle     12/4/02  9:57 PM  flowing like a river, in a bottle

woozle     12/4/02  9:58 PM  e kangaroo down, sport

Bubba      12/4/02  9:58 PM  you got fish tanks up there?

woozle     12/4/02  9:58 PM  got A fish tank... don't know if there are
                                  others. It needs repair for holding water.

Bubba      12/4/02  9:58 PM  ok so no

woozle     12/4/02  9:59 PM  not a fish tank usable as such... or,
                                  actually, it might be just fine and the only
                                  reason it's not in use is cuz Josh will insist
                                  on trying to catch the fish. I'd have to ask;
                                  don't remember.

Bubba      12/4/02  9:59 PM  if you put a piece of glass on a trench you
                                  dig in the gravel and make it higher on one
                                  end and put and air stone under the low end it
                                  looks like a stream under water

woozle     12/4/02  10:00 PM and, in fact, technically it is... the water
                                  is flowing the opposite direction from the

woozle     12/4/02  10:00 PM that's kinda neat-sounding, akshully.

Bubba      12/4/02  10:00 PM and then the bubble come out the high end and
                                  you stagger cantelevered flat rocks to act
                                  like shelfs and it'll look like an upsidedown
                                  water fall

Bubba      12/4/02  10:01 PM only w/bubbles

Bubba      12/4/02  10:02 PM takes about a 5" wide piece of glass so you
                                  can cover some of the edge to sculpt the

Bubba      12/4/02  10:02 PM little kids are amazed by it

Bubba      12/4/02  10:03 PM and fish tanks can be make Josh proof

woozle     12/4/02  10:03 PM Mozilla isn't playing well with others

woozle     12/4/02  10:03 PM fishtanks can be made joshproof, yes...

Bubba      12/4/02  10:03 PM all that fire amdsmokey breath

woozle     12/4/02  10:03 PM I have an idea or two.

Bubba      12/4/02  10:03 PM yes

woozle     12/4/02  10:03 PM Will implement when the time is no longer
                                  green and sour

Bubba      12/4/02  10:03 PM subject?

woozle     12/4/02  10:04 PM joshproofing

Bubba      12/4/02  10:04 PM kewl

Bubba      12/4/02  10:08 PM I'm gonna upload what I have to let you know
                                  how far behind I am for being ready to take
                                  orders for the disc by Sat night

woozle     12/4/02  10:09 PM k

Bubba      12/4/02  10:09 PM working on header image rt now

woozle     12/4/02  10:09 PM progress is good

Bubba      12/4/02  10:19 PM In composer, I've got a table on the left for
                                  the Our Mission, Projects, Contact and a
                                  picture of the CD cover and I can't put and
                                  image to the rt of the table for the header 

woozle     12/4/02  10:19 PM composer doesn't handle wrap-around text very
                                  well (read: "at all")

Bubba      12/4/02  10:19 PM well shit

woozle     12/4/02  10:20 PM save the file and bring it up in Moz to see
                                  how it will actually look

woozle     12/4/02  10:20 PM you can add custom tags to make it look right

Bubba      12/4/02  10:20 PM it has a browse page that throws it into a
                                  browser window

Bubba      12/4/02  10:20 PM is same?

woozle     12/4/02  10:21 PM to make stuff wrap around to the right of a
                                  left-aligned table, include the tag
                                  "align=left"in the <table ... > declaration

woozle     12/4/02  10:21 PM browse page: probly the same thing. Haven't
                                  used composer since NS 4.7

Bubba      12/4/02  10:21 PM it is align left

Bubba      12/4/02  10:22 PM which is what mozill is = to

woozle     12/4/02  10:22 PM do the best you can, save it, upload it, and
                                  tell me what you want it to do...

woozle     12/4/02  10:22 PM Mozilla is somewhere between NS6 and NS7

Bubba      12/4/02  10:22 PM haven't installed the new one yet

Bubba      12/4/02  10:23 PM still have the old moz

woozle     12/4/02  10:23 PM I just installed 1.2 final... having trouble
                                  importing my email from Gonzo

woozle     12/4/02  10:23 PM but I was having trouble doing that earlier,

woozle     12/4/02  10:23 PM They seem to organize the mail folders
                                  slightly differently with each version.

Bubba      12/4/02  10:24 PM I'll save it and FTP it so you can look at it
                                  before bed here real quick

woozle     12/4/02  10:24 PM k

Bubba      12/4/02  10:34 PM I just put a folder into the rda/www folder
                                  marked test and then uploaded the index.htm,
                                  went to /test and there is nadda

woozle     12/4/02  10:34 PM ok, got it to see my mail folders... nothing
                                  in 'em, but it's progress...

Bubba      12/4/02  10:34 PM kewl

woozle     12/4/02  10:34 PM have no ftp set up here yet

Bubba      12/4/02  10:34 PM is /test rt?

Bubba      12/4/02  10:35 PM /home/therda/www/test

woozle     12/4/02  10:35 PM you uploaded index.htm to ...www/test?

Bubba      12/4/02  10:35 PM y

woozle     12/4/02  10:35 PM try browsing to

Bubba      12/4/02  10:36 PM thought an index was an invisible and same FNF

woozle     12/4/02  10:36 PM depends

Bubba      12/4/02  10:37 PM all images and tiles are there w/index.htm

woozle     12/4/02  10:37 PM looking...

Bubba      12/4/02  10:37 PM for that page.  Links of course are not on

Bubba      12/4/02  10:38 PM ftp://redistribution.org ?

woozle     12/4/02  10:38 PM not for browsing

Bubba      12/4/02  10:38 PM k

woozle     12/4/02  10:39 PM let me see if I can install FTP now...

woozle     12/4/02  10:41 PM so far so good; now let me see if I can bring
                                  in my sites...

Bubba      12/4/02  10:47 PM anything? anything? Buehler, 

woozle     12/4/02  10:47 PM (and in the mean time, my email has appeared
                                  -- yay!!)

woozle     12/4/02  10:48 PM sites are not cooperating, but all is not lost
                                  yet... still pecking away... oop, power went

woozle     12/4/02  10:48 PM guess the UPSs worked

woozle     12/4/02  10:48 PM it's back on now

woozle     12/4/02  10:48 PM but it could go out again

Bubba      12/4/02  10:48 PM might means might not

woozle     12/4/02  10:49 PM keeping toes crossed. I'd rather not spend
                                  tomorrow or any part thereof with the power

woozle     12/4/02  10:54 PM here's a thot, while I'm pecking... are any of
                                  the letters in "index.htm" uppercase?

Bubba      12/4/02  10:54 PM and the winner

Bubba      12/4/02  11:08 PM is

woozle     12/4/02  11:13 PM getting closer...

woozle     12/4/02  11:15 PM bingo

woozle     12/4/02  11:16 PM you capitalized the T in test

woozle     12/4/02  11:16 PM http://www.redistribution.org/Test/

Bubba      12/4/02  11:23 PM doh

woozle     12/4/02  11:23 PM a deer

Bubba      12/4/02  11:24 PM no pics fixxin now

woozle     12/4/02  11:25 PM dropping off to bed now, methinks

Bubba      12/4/02  11:25 PM k

woozle     12/4/02  11:25 PM nigh on 300 email msgs downloading

woozle     12/4/02  11:25 PM tty tomorrow, if communications aren't

Bubba      12/4/02  11:25 PM I'll work on the images

woozle     12/4/02  11:25 PM k

Bubba      12/4/02  11:25 PM nt

woozle     12/4/02  11:26 PM hav fun... nite.