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Wednesday, November 20, 2002 (#324)
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  • what: ICQ conversation between Woozle and Bubba.
     ICQ History Log For:    
             8698504  Bubba
 Started on Sun Mar 02 09:07:27 2003
woozle     11/20/02 3:22 PM  ok, at long last, the message... my computer
                                  crashed as I was listening to it the previous

woozle     11/20/02 3:23 PM  Greg from SunshineJoy, calling to see if you
                                  received the disks they sent down.
                                  877-769-8800. And that's basically it.

Bubba      11/20/02 3:32 PM  did I 

Bubba      11/20/02 3:32 PM  thinking I did

Bubba      11/20/02 3:32 PM  will look in my cd pile

Bubba      11/20/02 3:34 PM  Cathy Burrison - gets a hat

Bubba      11/20/02 3:35 PM  just kidding until we have some.  

Bubba      11/20/02 3:36 PM  3+ shirts gets a hat was the thot

Bubba      11/20/02 3:37 PM  am thinking a free pk of any Zion order.  Jimi
                                  - Jimi incense   Bob - Bob incense etc

woozle     11/20/02 4:06 PM  if the hats cost $1.50-$2 each, I don't know
                                  if it's cost-effective to toss one in for 3
                                  shirts... maybe 4... I'll have to think of a
                                  way to analyze this.

Bubba      11/20/02 4:08 PM  4's a better number and I thot you might think
                                  it was too hig a #

Bubba      11/20/02 4:09 PM  we can even offer it as an item in the store

woozle     11/20/02 4:09 PM  the bigger the minimum for freebies, the less
                                  it costs us... for 2 reasons: 1. fewer of
                                  them; 2. cost distributed across a larger
                                  dollar volume

Bubba      11/20/02 4:09 PM  true

woozle     11/20/02 4:09 PM  yes... MT used to sell their "The Mountain"

Bubba      11/20/02 4:09 PM  i agree

Bubba      11/20/02 4:10 PM  everyone that has seen the latest batch wants
                                  one and if Cimmeria and Angela want to sport
                                  one it must be a nice hat

woozle     11/20/02 4:10 PM  schpiffy

Bubba      11/20/02 4:10 PM  the newest ones are abstract enough that it
                                  doesn't look like a bold faced advertising hat

woozle     11/20/02 4:11 PM  sounds good... should be art unto itself, even
                                  if it has a commercial msg

woozle     11/20/02 4:11 PM  going to bed more or less now...

Bubba      11/20/02 4:11 PM  suBtle, stylish, V B Z 

Bubba      11/20/02 4:12 PM  skewl, pkgs, cats, bank in the morning here

Bubba      11/20/02 4:12 PM  anything else?

woozle     11/20/02 4:12 PM  sounzgoot

woozle     11/20/02 4:13 PM  I'm on the computer where my list isn't, but
                                  that certainly covers the high spots. I can
                                  ICQ you again in the morning with the official

Bubba      11/20/02 4:13 PM  nite

woozle     11/20/02 4:13 PM  nyte

woozle     11/20/02 4:13 PM  (Shipping -- that's the other thing, I think.
                                  Send them packyjizz. G'nitagin.)

Bubba      11/20/02 4:14 PM  first thing b4 cats

Bubba      11/20/02 11:44 PM Flyers! DAMN! I'm on it

Bubba      11/20/02 11:45 PM Did you get the label yet?