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Note #16 : 12/21 (part 1/2) .. 12/30 (part 2/2) | Topic: religion

Tues. Dec. 30, 1980

After the skating party[1]...

I think that science and religion (Believing in God) are parallel. The basis for accepting science is logic. The basis for accepting religion is faith.

Believe it or not the bulk of humanity isn't logical. Humans as a race are not logical. Why can't I explain my actions? Because they don't make sense. They are spurred by feelings and by emotions that aren't logical.

Humans aren't logical – so they believe in God. It's a nice thing to believe in. They don't need a formula to prove that God exists – they know he does.

I can see the pines of the golf-course from my window – they are my horizon.

After World War Two they found in a Nazi concentration camp scratched on a fence post these words:

I Believe in the sun,
Even when it isn't shining
I believe in love,
Even when there's no one there
And I believe in God,
Even when He is silent.

Bye for now,

  1. I think this must have been the earlier one mentioned here.