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This page is out of date. (For one thing there are now only five of us, but all are adults. It's a little easier, but still problematic as far as workspaces. —Woozle (talk) 15:12, 4 June 2021 (UTC))

A list of reasons why Harena and Woozle need to expand their house

  1. So the kids can play as loudly as they need to in a separate section of the house without depriving Harena of sleep on weekend mornings
  2. So Woozle will have enough room for various activities: music recording, shipping
  3. So the main office can be both functional and comfortable
  4. So the kitchen can be large enough to be kept tidy
  5. So there can be a guest room, or several guest rooms, or room for hyperfamily
  6. So the "craft room" doesn't have to double as dry storage
  7. So there can be a living room that isn't also a kids' playroom
  8. So there's enough room for some other people to help watch the kids (be that Hyperfamily or a nanny)


According to a Wikipedia article:

  • In 1974 the average US house was 1695 square feet and the average family was 3.1 people, for an average of 547 square feet per person
  • In 2004 the average US house was 2349 square feet and the average family was 2.6 people, for an average of 903 square feet per person
  • Our house is 2364 square feet and accommodates 6 people (3 adults, 3 kids) for an average of 394 square feet per person.
  • To meet the 1974 average, we would need 3282 square feet total (an additional 918 square feet), or 1.7 fewer people.
  • To meet the 2004 average, we would need 5418 square feet total (an additional 3054 square feet), or 3.4 fewer people.
  • As the kids gradually move out, these conditions will eventually be satisfied (as long as we don't keep their rooms sacrosanct), but even then we still won't have adequate room for long-term guests.

Personally, I think I could make pretty good use of an additional 3054 square feet. I guess that makes me greedy, along with average America.