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This page is about me, Woozle, known to most DA people as Nick (Staddon) because in 2nd grade Mrs. Land wouldn't let me sign my work as "Woozle" anymore (which I had always done up to that point). Silly grownups.

This page is, more specifically, the latest news about me which might be of interest to DA classmates.

Please feel free to say hi on the discussion page or contact me however you like.

Currently (March 2006)

  • gradually improving my online store,
  • keeping half an eye open for programming jobs in the Durham area
  • Still more or less in the process of getting my life back in order, in the aftermath of a significant number of Unpleasantnesses in recent years. Setting up this wiki site has been a big help because I am somehow able to be more organized when I know the results of my organization are visible. (I'm just weird that way; I never could keep a private journal, but instead would write much the same kind of content in letters to close friends.)
  • trying to get back to doing more musical recordings
  • helping Sandy (Harena) get her life back in order (after an eerily similar set of Unpleasantnesses)
  • lots and lots of Stuff, less of which is Stuff I Actually Want to Do than I might wish...

Past Highlights

*There's a lot more to this; I'll write about it one of these days, but there's no way to summarize quickly without giving the wrong idea.
  • 2002: Livia and I called it quits. Marriage was definitely never my ideal set-up for an enduring relationship anyhow, so this is not altogether an unhappy thing.* Anna stays in Athens with Livia but comes up to visit once or twice a year.
  • 2003: I moved back to Durham, after 11 years in Athens. (Athens... don't get me started about Athens. Oy.)
  • 2004: Anna turned the big 1-0. Like, whoa.
  • 2005: