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Photos from SRS Day (there is more about this on Woozalia):

The Morning After:

So many tubes and wires... I had the following attachments:

  • IV tube, left arm
  • some kind of electronic biometric thing, right arm
  • things like blood-pressure cuffs on both my legs, which would inflate every few minutes to promote circulation
  • ...and of course the ever popular tube-up-the-pee-hole

This made it pretty much impossible to find comfortable sleeping positions. ...never mind the nurses coming in repeatedly during the night to get readings and check my temperature.

All in a good cause, of course, but that was the reality of my first night post-op. (Harena didn't have it much better; you can see the Uncomfy Chair in which she got to sleep in three of the photos above... but at least she didn't have to worry about pulling out anything inserted into her.) After that they sent me home (everybody was very impressed that I walked all the way from the room out to the car instead of being wheeled).

After returning home: