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The Eternal Residential Placement Catch-22
2010/01/28 1638

We just heard back from Residential Services Inc, a group home in Chapel Hill which came highly recommended and with whom I spoke last night for about half an hour.

At the time we spoke, they agreed that Josh needed an ICF-level care facility, and the social worker I spoke with seemed optimistic that they might have a place for him. She said that the evaluation team would be meeting today and she would call back to let me know what they said.

Today she called back, and what they said was that they felt they didn't have adequate facilities to serve him, largely because of his "history of running" and I think she also mentioned the violence he still occasionally displays. I asked her who she thought we should be talking to that would have adequate facilities, and she suggested the Murdoch Center.

This is ironic, because we've already tried them -- and they said Josh wasn't severe enough for them.

I told her that, and she recommended a couple of other places which I am still investigating:

I think what needs to happen is that at the care review meeting, we need to very pointedly ask what service providers would be appropriate for Josh, now that we know which ones aren't?

...and then focus our efforts on those.