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Stuff (and Things)


ACK! I don't exist yet!


Jester Tentacle Bag Pre-Felt.jpg

Ok, 'shew, that was a close one...

Right. Now that I exist, um, I suppose I should say a little something about myself. Okay, then: "A Little Something".

And now, a shiny link... my homepage which is badly in need of updating, but beats the heck out of nothing ^_^

For gobs of pictures in a place that is more likely to get updated, try checking my G+ photos (Link to my profile below)(Also Abandoned, whoops. Occasional posts & pictures can be found at Mastodon, though!).

You can also find pictures Here.

Caveat: May Contain Serious Weirdness. Frumps & People Worried About Graciousness should Stay Away. You Know Who You Are.

And for those of you what have no clue what the Meaning of Life, The Universe, & Harena is, a link. According to the first declension, I'm not only nominative, but also ablative & vocative. Which seems legit.

I am deathly allergic to cashews (and it's looking like pistachios are going in that direction too), so when you make me that surprise dessert, please leave those nuts out, thanks! :D