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In the interest of avoiding throwing away stuff which someone might be able to use (but which for various reasons can't be donated), and also being general packrats, we hereby present the following list of items which someone might be able to use. They are available free for pickup. If you live nearby (Triangle area), or on the way to somewhere I happen to be going anyway (e.g. anywhere on I-85 between here and Athens, GA), I might even drop them off for free. If you can pay the shipping, I'll ship to you via USPS or UPS (I can accept PayPal and credit cards).


The List

Supplies and Oddments

  • Several bags of packing "peanuts". Some are recyclable, some not; all have been used once but are clean.

Computer Stuff

Inkjet Printers

  • An Epson 480SXU USB inkjet printer which cost me about $50 (including ink) when I first got it but which was amazingly durable in spite of being dropped repeatedly, stored in unventilated containers, left unused for about a year (with ink cartridges still installed), moved all over the place, and generally abused. After all the above had happened, I dug it out, cleaned the heads a few times, and it worked fine for over a year until suddenly one day, in between printing two sheets of paper, the software suddenly reported that it wasn't responding and needed to be taken to an authorized repair center. I've tried a few things, but maybe I haven't tried everything, and maybe someone with some ingenuity and a little more spare time can get it working -- or maybe someone can use the print head, which is probably ok. Driver disk available, and probably ink as well.
  • A Canon BJC-310 parallel-port inkjet printer which cost me over $300 new in approximately 1995. Not sure what's wrong with it; might be nothing. I think I had loaned it to someone who then used it for awhile and then reported it had stopped working, and I haven't had the opportunity to try it myself. The nice thing about this printer is that it takes separate cartridges for each ink color, so you only replace what has actually run out. The diagnostics will also let you clean each cartridge separately, which saves ink when only one color is causing trouble (as often happens).

Laser Printer

  • A parallel-port NEC laser printer. Occasionally prints blank pages instead of what it was supposed to print; may be a driver issue.


  • HP ScanJet 4p SCSI-port scanner, legal size (scan area approx. 141/4" x 83/4"). SCSI cable is currently AWOL, but it's around here somewhere. Includes manual and software (12 3.5" diskettes), in original box. Last worked properly on Windows 95. Drivers did not work right under Windows 98(SE). Got a response from it under Linux, but it wouldn't actually scan; the hardware may have developed problems since the last time it was used, or I may just not have set it up right in Linux.
  • OpticPro 9630P parallel-port scanner: power supply missing; needs DC 24v 550mA center-positive. Worked ok last time it was hooked up. Parallel cable available if needed.


  • Lots of old SIMMs and DIMMs and related forms of memory, late-1990s era. Will try to get them all together and scan an image.
  • Lots of even older PC system boards, late 1980s and early 1990s (80286 through Pentium). I wanted to turn them into wall-art or mobiles, but I don't know when I'll have time for this; if someone else can use them for anything, I'm ready to let go of that project.