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This page is obsolete and is being preserved mainly for archival purposes.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Update: This has now been taken care of, although we will soon be looking for childcare for the England trip later in the summer.

Note: I use the phrase "project requirements" here because we regularly have things like this that we need to take care of, and we're hoping to hire someone part-time to help coordinate; "projects" is sort of short-hand for "batches of childcare-related tasks which need to be arranged somehow".

I want to take Sandy and my daughter Anna Nikola, who lives in Georgia, to visit the Bay Area for about a week. We've determined that Anna is available the last couple of weeks of June, so the schedule currently looks like this (flights have not yet been booked; I've been given until Wednesday 5/16 to see if we can get childcare):

  • June 16/17 (Sa/Su) - S & I pick up Anna from GA
    • daytime childcare probably optional, but have to check with Dorothy and/or Mel
  • June 19 (Tu) - we fly to CA
  • June 27 (W) - we return from CA
  • (Anna will be returned to GA by someone else.)

So the basic "project requirements" are:

  • June 19 (Tu):
    • Drop off 3 kids in the morning (roughly 7:30-9:00)
    • Pick up 3 kids in the afternoon (roughly 3:00-4:00)
    • Some afternoon care probably optional (we need to check with family members)
    • Overnight not needed as far as we know (we need to check with family members)
  • June 20 (W): same
  • June 21 (Th): same
  • June 22 (F): same
  • June 23 (Sa): any care probably optional (need to check...)
  • June 24 (Su): any care probably optional (need to check...)
  • June 25 (M): same as Friday
  • June 26 (Tu): same
  • June 27 (W): same

The actual "project requirements" will be a little more detailed, as I will get all the drop-off/pick-up locations and time-windows together.

We currently have one sitter who says she can do "Tuesday the 19th (anytime), Thursday the 21st in the afternoons, any other weekday after 5pm, or on the weekend." If you can't find someone to fill all the slots in the project, then you may have to patch it together from pieces like that.

There is also a complication in that Josh may be admitted for a week at Camp Royall from June 18-22, in which case he would be out of the picture Wednesday and Thursday but would need picking up in Moncure, NC (about 45 minutes from here) on Friday afternoon – which clashes somewhat with Zander's CFS pickup time. We may be able to get the kids' grandmother to do the pickup, or you may need to find someone to be available in case this happens. If we don't hear anything from Camp Royall, we will probably just set a deadline for assuming he's not going that week... or maybe calling them to check up on this can be something a Childcare Coordinator could do.