Mondo Montage

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Side A

  1. Voice of America (The Snap)
  2. Watching You (States)
  3. I Can Hear Music (Lise Uyanik and Mobile City)
  4. Tore Up (Moon Pie)
  5. White Lies (Rod Abernethy)
  6. Love Is Fine (Lise Uyanik and Mobile City)
  7. Buddha Buddha (Rick Rock)

Side B

  1. Don't Call My Name Anymore (States)
  2. Perfect Light (Arrogance)
  3. Heaven In Your Eyes (X-Teens)
  4. (She's a) Modern Girl (The Snap)
  5. Drink You Off My Mind (Texas Toads)
  6. (I'm a lookin' for a) Sputnik (Rick Rock)
  7. A Room With A View (Let's Active)