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There's a lot more than this in electronic form, and even more that I haven't scanned.


This was originally a separate page for making notes until they fit into a more coherent picture; they probably won't be of much interest to anyone except us. The notes have not been updated since 2009, and in 2011 they became largely irrelevant to us. We're keeping them here for historical reference purposes.

Links of Convenience

  • Medicaid and Health Choice Applications
  • After School program
  • The Arc of Durham: respite care
  • The Arc of North Carolina
  • The Durham Center
  • local Special Olympics schedule
  • Benefits For Children With Disabilities (Social Security Administration): can't get anything if you've got over $2000 of liquifiable assets (e.g. savings, stocks); real-estate ownership doesn't count towards this total, but debt (e.g. credit cards) doesn't take away from it either.
    • As of 2009, here is what I wrote: "Josh will presumably qualify when he turns 18, but Sandy doesn't qualify (too much in emergency savings) so Josh can't get benefits since he is in her care. (It's not clear what happens if he's declared incompetent as an adult, which I would think would have to happen; does he still fall under Sandy's financial "wing", then?)"
    • 2011 update: Even declared incompetent, Josh's adulthood still means that his finances are considered independently of his parents'. Since he has none (aside from getting a little pay for the work he does at the RHA home -- putting stickers on produce and that sort of thing -- which is well under the limit), he is basically guaranteed Social Security and Medicaid for life (...assuming the Republicans don't succeed in destroying those entitlements).