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Fully digitized

inv code medium brand digitized? description
CLTR-01 cassette YES
CLTR-02 cassette YES
CLTR-03 cassette YES
CRSK-C30 cassette Radio Shack YES Ralph Obrist, Woozle, etc.
Interesting Things cassette white case YES Matt Henry and other... interesting things.
MXL7-001 7" reel YES
REH-AN-1993-10-22 cassette YES Abbey Normal rehearsal
RSK-001 7" reel Radio Shack YES
SONY5-01: 5" reel Sony YES
TEAC-MDX-90-01 cassette, metal TEAC YES
APX-101 7" reel Ampex partly
APX-102 7" reel Ampex partly
RSK-002 7" reel Radio Shack yes, but files lost
TDK-001 7" reel TDK no
MXL-004 7" tape Maxell no
MXL-005 7" reel Maxell no

Needs ID Code/Label

Maxell MX90


  • Side A: "The Cheap Imitation - demo 1988dec21"
  • Side B: "The Cheap Imitation - layering/xfer 2A" (?)
    • Facsimile - sounds like final mix
    • Monorail: source mix with piano intro and cut-off with echo
    • Monorail: source mix, no intro - xylophone, digital piano, a few other oddments
    • Monorail: mix with piano intro, no backwards arpeggio guitar but some backwards guitar chords; no piano-pedal-thunk
    • Monorail: piano intro, kind of fuzzy mix (Dolby C?), ends with pedal thunk
    • Monorail: piano intro, kind of fuzzy mix (Dolby C?)...