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The Hypertwins (Nick/Woozle and Sandy/Harena) are best contacted by email, social network, or IM:

  • Email: contact2021-2021-01-17-11:40-spam@hypertwinsspam.org
  • Social Networks:
    • Mastodon - not as full-featured as G+ or FB, but pleasant and quite usable:
    • Google+:
      • Woozle still uses G+ a lot, but it feels like its days are numbered
      • Harena has an account but doesn't use it much anymore
  • IM servicesPlease say who you are when using IM; we get a lot of IM spam, so we ignore random messages like "hey" or "hello"
    • XMPP (compatible with Google Talk) -- change the " [at] " to "@"; we don't want spambots sending email to those addresses:
      • harena [at] ownedbycats.org
      • woozle [at] hypertwins.org
    • Discord: Woozle#5658
    • Wire: @woozle
    • Google Talk (we are given to understand that this is going away soon):
      • Harena: harena
      • Woozle: woozalia
  • Phone (we both have phone phobia and never answer unless we know who it is, want to speak to them, and feel capable of doing so -- all at the same time):
    • (919) 402-9774 (home / voicemail)
    • (919) 627-8595 (text messages and voicemail)
  • Mailing, stalking, and child-abduction address:

For vbz.net contact info, see the VBZ Wiki.


  • ICQ doesn't work right anymore. We theoretically have the following accounts, but haven't connected to them in years and the directory links are now 404. [connects to it... okay, yes, connecting is still possible... but why.]
  • AIM no longer supports any known protocols, so we can't connect to it anymore.
  • Yahoo IM also no longer supports any known protocols.