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* '''Instant Messaging'''
* '''Instant Messaging'''
** '''IRC:''' irc://irc.villageirc.net/#hypertwins
** '''IRC:''' irc://irc.villageirc.net/#hypertwins
** '''IM services''' – ''Please say who you are'' when using IM; we get a lot of IM spam, so we ignore random messages like "hey" or "hello"
** '''IM services'''
*** '''Google Talk''':
**** '''Harena''': harena
**** '''Woozle''': woozalia
*** '''ICQ:'''
**** '''Harena''': [http://www.icq.com/whitepages/wwp.php?uin=39608278 39608278]
**** '''Woozle''': [http://www.icq.com/whitepages/wwp.php?uin=8690908 8690908]
**** ''...but please note that ICQ has now become '''lame''' and won't save any updates to our user profiles.''
*** '''AIM:'''
**** '''Harena''': HarenaAtria
**** '''Woozle''': WoozleStaddon
*** '''Yahoo IM''':
**** '''Harena''': <u>Harena_Atria</u> (on Floyd), <u>Slungry_Hoopla</u> (on Beaker), <u>Sandy_Pylos</u> (on Bunsen)
** messages on [[User_talk:Woozle|Woozle's Talk Page]] and [[User_talk:Harena|Sandy's Talk Page]]
** hypertwiki web email (if you have an account): [[Special:Emailuser/Woozle|Woozle]] <!-- and [[Special:Emailuser/Harena|Harena]] -->
* '''Phone''': (919) 401-9424
For [[vbz.net]] contact info, see the [[vbzwiki:Contact|VBZ Wiki]].

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Status: 2006-06-17 The email problem seems to have been resolved. If you get any bounces, please IM or use the vbz form to let me know.

The Hypertwins (Nick/Woozle and Sandy/Harena) are best contacted by email, IRC, or IM: