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The Hypertwin Wiki is a project of The Hypertwins, Woozle and Harena. It is an information-gathering place for their many and varied projects, as well as a point of contact for family, friends, and business activities.

In June 2006, HypertWiki was moved to a shiny new server hosted on TheRealms; it formerly ran on an ancient 233 MHz Red Hat Linux server which we rented from CI Host for various web projects. It uses the MediaWiki open-source wiki software (Components and versions are shown here) which is fairly easy to install if you have some experience with the target operating system (preferably Linux), PHP, and MySQL.

Sometime in 2008, HypertWiki was moved to Rizzo, the server we keep in the basement. Our internet connection is provided by Speakeasy, which not only allows their customers to serve content but even encourages it.

The wiki is open to anyone to use for any reasonable purpose (see #Editorial Policies, below). In particular, our friends, families, and members of the Sluggy Community are welcome to create an account and contribute content.

Please see the Projects page for projects to which you may wish to contribute.

Editorial Policies

Our editorial policies are someone informal at this point, as there have been no other serious attempts to contribute content. In general, though, content must be either constructive (reasoned, rational, and specific) or aesthetic (fiction, poems, artwork, etc.). Rants may be allowed if they seem relevant. We reserve the right to move submitted articles or subsume multiple contributions into a single page, and to do other similar editing for the purpose of organization and clarity.

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The current wiki logo is a passionflower photographed on the American Tobacco Trail with a somewhat elderly Olympus D-510 Zoom 2.1 megapixel digital camera and processed with PaintShop Pro 8.1.

The "favorite" icon flower (used for bookmarks in some browsers) is a dandelion from our front yard, photographed and processed the same way.