Grieving songs

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These are songs that I found to be effective at releasing pent-up grief after Jenny's disappearance and death.

  • "Little Lamb Dragonfly", Paul McCartney/Wings, Red Rose Speedway
  • "All Dead", Queen, News of the World
  • "The Cask of Amontillado", Alan Parsons Project, Tales of Mystery and Imagination
  • "Mother and Child Reunion", Paul Simon
  • "Great Gig in the Sky", Pink Floyd
  • "Where's Summer B.?", Ben Folds Five
  • "Through the Long Night", Billy Joel, Glass Houses
  • "Ode to Billie Joe", Bobbie Gentry
  • "Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight", The Beatles, Abbey Road
  • "Goodbye to Love", The Carpenters
  • "Shangri-La", ELO, New World Record
  • "Bluebird Fly Away", ELO, Secret Messages
  • "Now You're Gone", Jeff Lynne, Armchair Theatre
  • "Blown Away", Jeff Lynne, Armchair Theatre
  • "Alyson", Elvis Costello
  • "Harmony", Elton John
  • "I'm Sorry", Elton John
  • "The Last to Know", Dan Fogelberg, Phoenix
  • "Bluebird Is Dead", ELO, On the Third Day
  • "One Summer Dream", ELO, Face the Music
  • "Bluebird", ELO, Secret Messages
  • "Wish You Were Here", Pink Floyd, (eponymous)
  • "Prayer for the Dying", Seal
  • "While You See a Chance", Steve Winwood, Arc of a Diver
  • "Drive", The Cars
  • "Turn of the Century", Yes
  • "Diamonds and Rust", Joan Baez ("well I'll be damned, here comes your ghost again")

Too Much

These are songs I couldn't listen to for several years afterwards.

  • "She's Leaving Home", The Beatles, Sgt. Pepper's
  • "Wild World", Cat Stevens
  • "Angie", Rolling Stones


These are songs which would probably be on one of the above lists if I had heard them at the time (most of them were released later).

  • "The Luckiest", Ben Folds, Rocking the Suburbs
  • "Losing True", The Roches, Keep On Doing
  • "I Can Tell", Michael Penn, Resigned
  • "Heaven Beside You", Alice in Chains
  • "Eternal Flame", The Bangles
  • "Ghosts", Dan Fogelberg, The Innocent Age
  • "You and the Mona Lisa", Shawn Colvin
  • "Paris Nocturne", Dan Fogelberg and Tim Weisberg, Twin Sons of Different Mothers
  • "Julie Don't Live Here", ELO, Time (CD remaster with extra tracks)
  • "Love Doesn't Kill You", Fastball, The Harsh Light of Day
  • "Wading in Deeper", Katzenjammer
  • "One Headlight", The Wallflowers, Bringing Down the Horse