Bush The First "Hard Times"

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I'm looking for a recording of spliced-together bits of speeches by George H.W. Bush, arranged so that they are in meter and rhyme (at least some of the time), and set to music. I think the music was original, not a pre-existing song, but I could be wrong. I heard it on the radio in Athens, GA sometime during Bush I's tenure.

(There is a different one, by The Bots, which I also heard on the radio sometime after they stopped playing the first one on the radio (It starts with "Will you please be quiet, will you please shut up?") That one is available at The Bots' web site.)

The one I'm thinking of was rather funnier. Here's everything I can remember about it:

  • Starts with this bit spoken, as the rhythm track begins: "These are the insane ramblings of a deluded mind", or something similar
  • First verse: "Politics is higher taxes, politics is (something something)..."
  • "...I almost peed myself."
  • Chorus: "Hard time, hard time - something's gone wrong, I know, it's / Hard time, hard time..."
  • "...And in the end - in the end - we all pay the price."
  • Ending refrain: "If we can change the world, we can change America / America, it has to be / If we can change the world, I understand America / America our destiny!" (or "...legacy!" - I think the refrain is repeated with a different ending)
  • Spoken at the end: "Take two tablets and call me in the morning."

I even had a recording of it taped off the radio, but that cassette appears to have vanished :-(

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