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Sunday, January 29, 2023 (#29)
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Had lower alimentary pain all night which made it difficult to sleep. In the morning, I almost fainted on the way to the bathroom, and felt basically the most awful I have ever felt physically in my life. After some expulsions (through the correct end, at least) and breaking into a massive sweat, I started to feel a little better but quickly realized I was going to need to lie down some more and recover before I could even start on the upstairs morning routine. Been slowly recovering throughout the day, and trying to figure out what caused the problem; current theories are some combination of (1) using sunflower (instead of olive) oil in the schmoylent, and (2) maybe I need to join the group of people in this house who take digestive bitters before meals.

Fortunately, we had nothing scheduled for today. Bit of luck, that.


  • released this morning's mouse (didn't go down very far because it felt like a bad idea to push myself at that point)
  • PoGo drive
  • actually have done a fair amount of coding on the backup scripts; got it to the point where it actually does do some copying, though to the wrong place
  • Got VBZ Wiki working again. Seriously out of date, though...