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Wednesday, January 4, 2023 (#4)
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Righty-tighty/lefty-loosy is not a reliable heuristic.


  • 10:45 therapy (video)
  • X 2:30~ If up to it -- PoGo run to chez ma mère to get scanner/photos? Otherwise will do it after therapy.
    • Between the (small, but nonzero) risk of COVID and also it being wet out, decided to postpone this. So...
      • PoGo run after breakfast
  • shower
  • normally would be housework day but, like, my last 1-2 days have been housework (plumbing), soooo...

2023-01-31 Edit: I think I was confused when I was taking notes -- I had written down that the appointment was made with JD, but all other evidence clearly indicates it was Acme that handled everything.