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Friday, December 30, 2022 (#364)
New Year's Eve Eve
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The Committee for Tree Luna

Another super-exhausted day; DCM and baked chicken Harenaise. H did the second half of dinner clean-up, which helped me a lot and I was able to finish editing the demo piano track for Motel Universe.


20221230 132914.jpg 20221230 132920.jpg

...or maybe just weather balloons.

a cartoon illustrating my life

WTF is the problem with this network cable tester.

PC Photos

Trying to inventory H's current set of PCs, and being stymied by lack of energy:

Beaker 2022

20221230 092618.jpg 20221230 092638.jpg 20221230 092647.jpg

Bunsen 2022 (bunsen)

20221230 092658.jpg 20221230 092709.jpg 20221230 092728.jpg

Bunsen 2017 (bunsen-17)

20221230 092806.jpg 20221230 092830.jpg 20221230 092841.jpg