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Wednesday, December 28, 2022 (#362)
Happy Birthday, Tindy (not that you're reading this)
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  • M visit (morning)
  • X get stuff from Office Depot for Beaker
    • Of the 3 things I was looking for:
      • One was not available in-store (KVM switch)
      • One appeared to be available (one of those "take this empty case to the counter" things), but actually was not.
      • One was available, and we purchased it, but it turned out to be the wrong variety.
  • X possible pickup of scanner & photos from Staddon Keep
    • postponed due to plumbing issues there
  • Food Lion run (eggs)?
  • garbage can to curb
  • shower
  • X Housework? (organ pedal, sweep laundry rm. floor, brackets for blackout curtains...)
    • too exhausted