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Sunday, December 25, 2022 (#359)
xmas 2022
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Hypertwin Manor denizens chez Smith
This actually came out pretty well.

...a day filled with more people than I generally like to interact with in a single 24-hour span...

25 Years Ago Today

Anna & Livia were visiting me in Appleton:

1997-12-25.005.Anna on W back in black chair in Appleton apartment.adj.jpg 1997-12-25.scanned-2018-04-11.pack-04.Woozle reads to Anna.adj-crop.jpg

I think we must have gone together to Barnes & Noble across the street (at the periphery of the mall) to get the Dr. Suess book. It was nice just to be able to spend money on stuff like books or meals and not worry about whether it might cause budget or bank-balance issues.