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Friday, December 23, 2022 (#357)
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Woke up with slight headache. For some reason I haven't taken anything for it yet. Maybe I should do that.

Today: Sprouts and baked chicken Harenaise.

Morning Weather

...and then it rained/hailed for a bit, and now the temperature is plummeting (was 47°F, now 37).


The wind continued all day. When we went out to Sprouts, there was some kind of blockage (in our direction only) on Hope Valley Road, and the traffic wasn't moving at all. A fire engine showed up just as we decided to bag out and try a different route. We went through Hope Valley (kind of the ultimate Rich White People suburb, complete with tennis courts and carefully-limited through-connectivity) and ended up on Old Chapel Hill Road, where I turned left with some thought of getting to Sprouts via, um, whatever that road is at the roundabout right after you cross I-40... but there was a blockage there, too.

So I turned around and we went back to MLK Blvd and went up to South Roxboro (will they ever connect it with the rest of Roxboro? Tune in next decade...) to the other end of Hope Valley Road -- where two traffic lights in a row were out, and then the third one went out while I was waiting, and the next one was out (people were pretending like the signals had just gone invisible, and whoever had green last got to keep it), and then the next one after that... but the last two or three before Sprouts had power.

I think it was more or less at this point that my headache started coming roaring back, much liken unto the Arctic wind we were experiencing.

Then on the way back we decided to avoid those problems and took Fayetteville Road -- where the left-turn light was working, but the next three or so were out.

So, that was exhausting.

And then the power blipped, which resulted in an amplifier not working, so this happened:

20221223 174324.jpg

(unrelatedly) Today's piano intermangling: "Burnin' for You" and "Ebony Eyes".