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Thursday, December 22, 2022 (#356)
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Today's coding project seems to have become a set of interrelated things:

  • fix Special:Invite so it can be used on MeW
    • partly because I'm considering using that as a forum.
    • and partly just because it should be easier for people to get access
      • especially if they're on fedi, and not somehow blocked by TootCat
  • add feature to Special:Invite to allow requesting an invite link (via fedi DM)
  • Is it easy to intercept MediaWiki-generated emails and instead redirect them to other messaging protocols such as XMPP or fedi DM?
    • That way even users whose primary email is Gmail or Outlook could get accounts by using fedi DMs for server-generated comms, and I wouldn't have to solve the email-blocking issue quite so urgently.
    • This seems like it may do what I need.