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Saturday, December 17, 2022 (#351)
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That Tree Again

Possible housework day -- but having only just recovered from a 2-day headache, I'm inclined not to push myself.

Housework I could do:

  • fix other organ pump strap
  • set up hanger for blackout curtain in bedroom (needs carpentry)
  • attempt to design bedside shelf for H
  • scan paperwork that's taking up space


I just figured out that maybe I should use some of my xmas money to buy shelves for Mel's storage unit, since that's the major roadblock to making room for things like organizing my tapes, which is itself a major roadblock to music production stuff. So, let's do a page about wire shelf racks to try and figure out what the options are.

The clouds were moving pretty quickly even though they were also pretty high up. Completely different sky every minute or so.