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Thursday, December 15, 2022 (#349)
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It was supposed to get warmer today, but it didn't.

Apparently I stressed myself out yesterday -- started getting a headache by bedtime. I took an ibuprofen to stave it off, which seemed to work well enough for sleeping, but the headache arrived in full force by morning.

Today is mainly just a Fresh Market trip.

Struggling with headache and trying to remember class-structures so I can log relevant information... which isn't even super-important, but I feel like {not being sure of things} is getting in the way of fixing the problem with the messages displaying...

20:54 The log now includes status and (most importantly) ID for both the Session and Account records accessed when attempting to log in -- which is what I was trying to fix. So that's good. Now we move on to trying to using the event log to debug the status message (why it isn't appearing when the page redirects).