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Wednesday, December 14, 2022 (#348)
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The COVID-testing line is back at Lakewood.

No go-to-a-place errands, but some stuff to do today.

another view of the line
cobwebs inside Kestracel

To Do

  • pay BofA MC
  • take Kestracel Weiss for test-drive
  • PoGo drive
  • test-start Daisy, whom's't hath not been driven for a couple of weeks I think
    • will take Daisy for PoGo drive
  • possible household tasks:
    • dismantle futon frame in the living room
    • blackout covering for lefthand bedroom window
    • pack up Legos in Mel's room
    • scan a box of stuff, to reduce boxes
  • take garbage to curb
  • shower


  • Paid BofA MC
  • Downloaded latest mortgage statement (apparently I have been keeping up)
  • took Daisy for PoGo drive to Food Lion (turns out we were out of eggs)
    • Daisy seemed unhappy about something -- an extra beep that goes away once everything is powered-up -- hopefully just means low battery
  • took Kestracel for test-drive -- up 15-501 to the 147 crossover as usual
  • took garbage to curb
  • showered

Ate and then felt super-exhausted after that and took a nap.

  • Spent 1+ hour documenting eightpoint.app shenanigans (not counting the time spent on the 9th taking screenshots)

On This Day

  • 20 years ago, there is evidence of conflict with Grievers over responsibilities/promises and money.