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Wednesday, December 7, 2022 (#341)
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The girl (left) is very close to my idealized self-image, and/or something I feel an intense wish to nurture. (apparent source/artist)

I need to have a better plan for what work I'm going to try to do today. ...not that there's likely to be time for a work-session.


  • A.M.: therapy
  • PoGo drive -- need to get bananas from Food Lion
  • shower
  • recycling to curb

Possible housework:

  • repair other footpedal strap on pump organ
  • clothing hook for H's bedside
  • work on design for sliders for kitchen cabinet


  • mounted the casters on the chair
  • Food Lion, Shower, recycling to curb, ate lunch... wow, where did the day go.
  • posted demo of Go Away #DemoDecember