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Tuesday, November 29, 2022 (#333)
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the Oak Tree Across the Street continues to deliver the foliage

Pizza Consequences: I was awake with heartburn for a good hour or two -- probably should have stopped at slice #4 -- but I nonetheless awoke at 7-ish feeling rested. I have to think this means I'm actually getting too much sleep, because generally I have trouble getting up before 7:30 or 8. I have no regrets.

I actually did take some photos yesterday, but the Nextcloud mobile app seems to be having difficulty. I wonder if I should try SyncThing... [installs Syncthing, twiddles with it and Nextcloud...] Ok, I was able to unclog Nextcloud before Syncthing managed to actually transfer anything, so Nextcloud still wins... even as confused as it often is.


  • PoGo run
  • upstairs work session #3
  • take B to Erin's (unfortunately in the middle of the session)
    • H suggested making this her PoGo run, which actually makes it much less of an interruption/stressor.

I need to see if Syncthing can connect outside of our LAN. If so, that could be very useful for collaborative purposes.

It did finally start synching stuff. After a bit of further twiddling, I think I may have got it set up in a useful way.