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Monday, October 31, 2022 (#304)
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the South Square Alpaca

I went to bed with a bit of a headache, and had just managed to drift off when the power went out, which woke me up. I considered going downstairs to suspend the laptop, to minimize the risk of filesys corruption, but decided it would probably put itself to sleep if the battery got low, and hopefully the power would be back on before that happened. The power did indeed come on again about half an hour later, but it took me longer to get to sleep after that. Still had the headache in the morning, but managed to be more or less functional throughout the day.

Today's stuff:

  • monthly visit with H!mom
  • H opened her birthday presents from K
  • I came around to the realization that "finishing my old songs" is not likely to happen anytime soon, and I should just go ahead and post my 1993 cassette album on Bandcamp etc. as an official release; if I later manage to improve any of the tracks, I can re-release them individually. Started poking around to see if I could find a digitzation of the mixdown; so far, only some of the tracks (and not all in adequate quality).
    • It looks like I have a DAT mixdown that never got converted to a file -- but my DAT player isn't currently working.
  • got an Alpaca Peruvian Chicken birthday dinner for the crew
  • hid from trick-or-treaters by watching Wendell & Wild in the living room

Alpaca-adjacent scenery: