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Sunday, October 9, 2022 (#282)
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We just need to do a quick run to Target to pick up a thing Harena ordered last night, and shower, and then basically the day is free for focus-work after that.

...although I seem to have gotten sidetracked into a couple of things my ADHD wanted to do:

  • rescued "Those Satchnarp Blues" from a tape archive
  • started into tidying up / updating some Issuepedia pages (I still haven't finished the previous set I was working on)


We ran into Mia, one of B's classmates, at Target! Had a lovely autistic chat and got her contact info. She's apparently doing well in college.

Issuepedia: ended up revamping these pages, but only partway (CW: homophobia): 2004-02-15 Homosexual Marriage and Civilization/analysis -- I want to automate the titles in the list, and then do a section which shows all of the argument-summaries (most of which I haven't even written yet, apparently) so I can then manually build an argument-map for the piece overall. Why do I feel the need to do this? It's probably one of my Special Interests or something.