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Durham Public Schools is seriously ticking me off. It's bad enough that they just close school completely, for the second day in a row (we've had no problems getting around; has anyone else?) -- but this time they waited until just *after* we had started Josh getting dressed to go back to the Home.

I had just checked the web site and thought "well ok, they may still *delay* it tomorrow -- but I can't see them *closing* again, this late in the day."

Silly me.


  • Bilby asked: How's the Home stuff been going lately- is it working out for you (and Josh)?
  • Woozle replied: Well, as I've posted elsewhere, he's fine on weekdays when school is open. As it is, I think we end up keeping him about half the time, what with various school closings. We've had him since last Friday afternoon because of the snow -- and it's supposed to snow again tomorrow, so they may just decide to keep the schools closed for the rest of the week.
  • Bilby added: ... You finally got a Home for at least part of the time, and now the city schools are screwing with you?
    ... *sigh* Damn dude, just.. damn.