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Tried to send this via RSI's Contact Us page, but the page returned an error -- so I send a message to the webmaster explaining about the error and asking them to please either forward the message or send me the email address of the appropriate person to send it to.

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[names redacted] highly recommended your services to us (via a relative - Pete Hall) and suggested that we contact you about our situation.

We have a profoundly autistic teenage boy who needs residential services. He has Medicaid, and may be receiving one of the CAP Supports waivers which have just been released (we are still trying to confirm this) but does *not* have Comprehensive CAP.

The provider we had been using to try to find a placement (Touchstone) set up a trial stay with one of their caregivers, a family home. The family home turned him down last week (decided he needed more extensive services); Touchstone now says that he needs Comprehensive -- but we obviously won't be able to get that any time soon.

We have been trying to get Josh placed for several years now, and our ongoing financial crisis is about to enter a new stage if we can't find something for him soon.

Please let us know if you think you might be able to help.

Thank you!