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Monday, May 18, 2009 (#138)
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Josh Report

Josh was fighting us again this morning. So far, every time this has happened, he has broken his own routine by being awake before it was time to wake him up. He turns off lights and puts clothes away -- even trying to grab them from us.

We tried a "lollipop lure", which Calvin suggested on Friday (actually, he suggested fruit rollups) -- it seems to work for Calvin, but it didn't seem to make any difference for us. Maybe it has to be part of the routine for it to be a motivator.

I put Josh's clothes out in the car (next time, I need to remember his bookbag too) and at about 6:15, I grabbed him and shoved him out to the car (he fought at first, but after I got him past the narrow hallway where there are things to grab onto, he stopped fighting) and drove him to school, as I did last Wednesday.

This time, he was totally cooperative when I handed him his clothes. He put on his socks and his pants, wriggled out of his shirt and put on the new one, and even re-threaded his shoelace through its eyelet (something Harena says she has never seen him do before). He also didn't resist getting out of the car as he had done last time.

He walked into school without any coercion and apparently was fine for the rest of the day. (He was back into his normal routine for the rest of the week, too -- maybe it just takes being firm with him once a week?)