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Wednesday, December 3, 2008 (#338)
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  • earlier, maybe 11:20?: spoke with Aiden[1] Malsbary (Josh's new teacher) on phone about Josh's kicking behavior today; also S gave someone permission to contact Community Partnerships so they could send someone to the IEP
  • 13:33 Half-day... Willie said yesterday that he thought he could be here by 1:00...
  • 13:44 Willie called to say he was running a little late, wasn't sure if he was going to make it before Calvin gets here; have Calvin call him if he gets here first.
  • 15:30 Finally realized I should call Calvin to let him know Willie is running late, else he'd naturally assume Willie has Josh and wait to hear from him.
  • 16:22 Calvin picked up Josh; he said he had called Willie and left a message.
  • 16:45~ Willie called (apparently from the driveway), saying he was ready to pick up Josh. I told him Calvin had called him, but he claimed there were no messages on his phone. Said he would call Calvin.
  • 20:25~ Josh arrived back home -- car was gone by the time I got downstairs, so it was probably Willie.


  1. 2022 note: They had a different first name at the time.