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Tuesday, October 2, 2007 (#275)
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  • /Josh
  • bike ride:
    • rode to Sage & Swift (nobody was in the office; didn't go in, door locked)
    • on to the end of the Riddle Road spur
    • back up Riddle Road and on to Southpoint, where we ate at Tomato Jake's as usual
    • explored two possible leads on to the rest of the Tobacco Trail:
      • a strip of tarmac which inexplicably begins in the woods just south of I-40, crosses Renaissance Parkway, and inexplicably ends in a marsh full of native plant / animal life (including a green snake and a very small green tree frog) -- perhaps this is going to be where the Tobacco Trail will eventually go through?
      • a path down a blocked-off overgrown dirt road (with trash piled at the end) connecting to an older neighborhood hidden safely out of sight from the newer Southpoint-related neighborhood -- a fascinating study in class separation. The road which would have connected this neighborhood with "Country Lane" at Southpoint was actually blocked off with a green chain-link fence.
        • Google Maps claims that Buxbury Lane, which we rode down, connects with Abron Drive, which would have let us reach Massey Chapel Road (where the ATT resumes), but the only thing we could see (while trying to calmly and serenely bike up the hill away from the loose guard dogs) was what might have been the overgrown entrance to a no-longer-maintained dirt road (you can see the route it might have taken in this map, which also shows the nonexistent connecting part of Buxbury).
        • Also spotted in this neighborhood:
          • A lot of discarded appliances (washing machines, etc.)
          • Cars up on jacks
          • A "JESUS" decorative car plate
    • Did not find a way through to ATT Part 2, but looking at the satellite view it looks like the next thing to try is to see if there's a way to get to what looks like another "path in the middle of the woods" by either going down to the cul-de-sac at the end of Huntscroft Court or going around the lake just off Buck Crossing Drive.
  • Shower
  • Returned two inventoried boxes (NC37, NC38) to storage
  • Pulled NC35 to inventory, along with two bears to ship
  • Made kids "help" with cleaning off breakfast nook table before playing on computer