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Tuesday, September 18, 2007 (#261)
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A lot happened today, and I think I need to start keeping records of this stuff.

  • only had to get up once to rub Benjy's legs (night before was twice for me and once for S)
  • the Jenny-dream with the bicycle and the cave
  • received payment from ResearchBuy, but had to submit W-9(?) tax form to withdraw payment. Emailed form to guru.com.
  • Benjy's big problem day with Max; we had to talk to him for about 30 minutes, and he still didn't want to stay at camp; we ultimately decided it was important for him to try so that he wouldn't get into a failure mode in his head. The rest of his day apparently went ok ("he has his moments", said the pick-up-time counselor).
  • Our first bike ride in cooler weather. Our garden snake tried to come along for the ride, so we had to drive back home hurriedly and deposit him, then drive back and try again. Ate lunch at Rudino's & turned back rather than continuing exploration of SouthPoint
  • Z & B being rambunctious in car during long wait while S picked up Josh - Z put his weight on the rear-view mirror (Dodge minivan) and it came down.
  • Long wait turned out to be because Josh got suspended from afterschool for hitting other kids -- "beat the crap out of" some smaller kid, apparently
  • I re-glued the mirror with epoxy. I've done this before, but for the life of me can't remember what car it was.
  • Received notification that guru.com had received the form; haven't had time to try withdrawing payment. Haven't had time to review my review of ResearchBuy before posting it.