2007-07-07 letter to AMC

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Date: 2007-07-07
To: AMC Mortgage Services
Re: Your letter of 2007-06-27 (copy enclosed)

I should very much like to see an accounting of how you arrived at the figure of $70.73 still due on loan 0101231264. The online accounting (also included) showed an "escrow balance" of $0.00 on 7/2, and I believe this to be the correct balance.

For legal purposes: This letter is in dispute of the debt which you claim I owe.

Thank you,


Phone call 2007-07-17

AMC called repeatedly before and after this letter was sent, but never left a message until 2007-07-17 (see htyp:800-430-5262). I mentioned having sent this letter, but it was not until she put me on hold for about 5 minutes in order to look up the figures (how much was owed and how much had actually been paid off) that I had time to find it.

When she came back off hold, she gave me the basic figures:

  • $78,860.53 was paid (matches my notes)
  • $78.931.26 was due
  • $70.73 unpaid balance still due (math agrees)

At that point, I said we needed this accounting in writing, for our records. She said that Sandy would need to call and request this. I said that we had already sent in a written request, signed by Sandy (i.e. this letter), on July 7... at which point she admitted having received it on (I think) July 12, and that they would be sending out the requested accounting shortly.

Remaining questions: will they explain the math behind the "due" figure, or just assume that we will take their word for it? Should we take their word for it? How would we go about trying to calculate what the amount due should have been? Do we even have enough information to do so? (Tentatively: yes) How could the amount due have changed by only $70.73, from the point when the new mortgage company got the total to the point when they paid it?