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[[category:Dated Items]][[category:business correspondence]]
[[category:Dated Items]][[category:business correspondence]][[category:Dispute Correspondence]]
:'''Date''': 2007-07-07
:'''Date''': 2007-07-07
:'''To''': [[htyp:AMC Mortgage Services|AMC Mortgage Services]]
:'''To''': [[htyp:AMC Mortgage Services|AMC Mortgage Services]]
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Thank you,
Thank you,
* [[:Image:2007-07-02 AMC online printout.web.png]]
* [[:Image:2007-06-27 AMC amount still due.web.png]]

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Date: 2007-07-07
To: AMC Mortgage Services
Re: Your letter of 2007-06-27 (copy enclosed)

I should very much like to see an accounting of how you arrived at the figure of $70.73 still due on loan 0101231264. The online accounting (also included) showed an "escrow balance" of $0.00 on 7/2, and I believe this to be the correct balance.

For legal purposes: This letter is in dispute of the debt which you claim I owe.

Thank you,