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Thursday, February 13, 2003 (#44)
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  • what: ICQ dialogue between Bubba and Woozle
woozle     2/13/03  10:36 AM Good morning. I'm uploading the db with the
                                  Prankster and mini-bear order. I'm thinking
                                  maybe I should just assume that overnight is
                                  ok for the order right after that -- but do we
                                  have Rosalie McFall? It kinda hinges on that.
                                  I was assuming it wouldn't be in inventory,
                                  but let me check...

woozle     2/13/03  10:37 AM Ah, yes, it says there's one in N03. So that
                                  would seem to settle that. But what's the
                                  shipping weight... geesh...

woozle     2/13/03  10:38 AM Ok, what I'll do is this: debit her for
                                  regular shipping costs, then when you get back
                                  from the PO be sure to single out the actual
                                  cost for shipping that one overnight and I'll
                                  debit her for that separately.

Bubba      2/13/03  10:40 AM k

Bubba      2/13/03  10:41 AM it weighs less than 2 lbs so usps should have
                                  the rate 

woozle     2/13/03  10:42 AM yeah, but how many oz

woozle     2/13/03  10:42 AM somewhat depends on what kind of box you have
                                  to cobble together for it, too

Bubba      2/13/03  10:44 AM isn't it a one price up to 2 lb?

woozle     2/13/03  10:44 AM 1 lb

woozle     2/13/03  10:44 AM or maybe not, let me check

Bubba      2/13/03  10:44 AM k

woozle     2/13/03  10:47 AM 1 lb to MD is $17.85...

woozle     2/13/03  10:48 AM 1 lb 15 oz is $17.85. Ok. I will charge $17.85
                                  for postage.

Bubba      2/13/03  10:49 AM k

woozle     2/13/03  10:49 AM Do you want to call her to see if she wants
                                  the other 2 bears included?

woozle     2/13/03  10:50 AM No response to my email, tho she said to email

Bubba      2/13/03  10:50 AM that will make it heavier so just do the math
                                  for the whole thing and I'll just ship them

Bubba      2/13/03  10:50 AM di she leave a ph #?

Bubba      2/13/03  10:51 AM no

Bubba      2/13/03  10:52 AM didn't we weigh the bears?

Bubba      2/13/03  10:52 AM 14 oz is the # coming through the fog

woozle     2/13/03  10:54 AM Weighing: We did at one point, but I'd have to
                                  go digging. Phone #: there's one for the first
                                  order, 301-474-8423. I'm still importing the
                                  2nd order.

Bubba      2/13/03  10:54 AM is same, no?

Bubba      2/13/03  10:55 AM what State is she in?

woozle     2/13/03  10:55 AM One had a different name on the credit card,
                                  but they're both _to_ the same person and same
                                  email address. The phone # and everything else
                                  should be in the order notification, let me
                                  look there... (it's Maryland)

woozle     2/13/03  10:56 AM yes, same ph#

Bubba      2/13/03  10:56 AM kewl so is same time 

woozle     2/13/03  10:56 AM y

Bubba      2/13/03  10:57 AM is there a scale here?

woozle     2/13/03  10:58 AM I don't think so.

woozle     2/13/03  11:00 AM Even if it's 3 lbs altogether, the cost for
                                  overnight is still only $21.05

woozle     2/13/03  11:00 AM i.e. only $3.20 more -- less than we'd charge
                                  for sending it separately via regular mail.

Bubba      2/13/03  11:00 AM charge her a $25 shipping + expedited service

woozle     2/13/03  11:01 AM Well, I'd feel odd about that since we don't
                                  say anything about that in our policies.
                                  Perhaps we should add that... except it
                                  happens so rarely that someone wants something
                                  overnighted AND we have it in stock...

woozle     2/13/03  11:01 AM But for the in-stock store, it's definitely an
                                  issue to address.

woozle     2/13/03  11:02 AM ok, download complete, now importing...

Bubba      2/13/03  11:02 AM I mean if it's gonna cost at least 21.05 and
                                  maybe a little more it's not outrageous and
                                  tht'll cvr it regardless

woozle     2/13/03  11:03 AM the instrux in the Rosalie order actually
                                  _state_ "overnight"; I didn't spot that

Bubba      2/13/03  11:03 AM rt and I think that if it's substantially less
                                  we can refund a few $

Bubba      2/13/03  11:03 AM like if it's only $18 

Bubba      2/13/03  11:04 AM and even then $7 for expeditiousness

Bubba      2/13/03  11:04 AM aint a lot

woozle     2/13/03  11:04 AM I'll just charge her the actual amount, after
                                  we know what it is. We should probably set a
                                  policy for overnight shipments, tho.

Bubba      2/13/03  11:04 AM we won't know until I mail it or get it
                                  weighed, drive to a pay phone, make a collect
                                  call to you and then ship it

Bubba      2/13/03  11:05 AM the actual amount

woozle     2/13/03  11:05 AM no need for collect call. Just tell me when
                                  you get back. I'll send her a statement. It
                                  could be days later.

Bubba      2/13/03  11:05 AM then we have $40 into the package before we
                                  collect $ and if her card isn't OK...

woozle     2/13/03  11:06 AM I'll debit her card now for the merch & the
                                  regular shipping costs, with a note that
                                  actual shipping expenses will be debited
                                  later. But ok, maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea
                                  to charge $25 as an estimate and refund the
                                  diff later.

Bubba      2/13/03  11:07 AM on teh outside we added $7 and we can take it
                                  off her next order or something

Bubba      2/13/03  11:10 AM our return policy should be a swap and refund
                                  incurring a 10% restocking fine (only a nicer
                                  word) and only one swap per customer

Bubba      2/13/03  11:11 AM or not and before refund

woozle     2/13/03  11:13 AM A refund policy should accomplish 2 goals: 1.
                                  Minimize decision-stress for the customer. 2.
                                  Not make it _too_ easy for them to
                                  gratuitously return stuff.
                                  Making them pay the shipping in each direction
                                  accomplishes #2 while keeping #1 low -- the
                                  feeling is "oh, I can exchange this _easily_
                                  and all I'm paying is the shipping". It pays
                                  for itself in increased sales, IMHO.

woozle     2/13/03  11:15 AM ok, what the heck -- I'll just charge $25 for
                                  overnight shipping, and we'll see what the
                                  reaction is. I do think we should have a
                                  policy if we're going to charge beyond the
                                  actual cost, tho.

Bubba      2/13/03  11:16 AM rt as a rule and this time when the package
                                  shows a $21.05 she may ask about it or swallow

Bubba      2/13/03  11:17 AM it is only $4 and less than many companies
                                  charge anyway above and beyond the actual
                                  shipping charge

Bubba      2/13/03  11:18 AM Prankster, Rosalie McFall and what?

woozle     2/13/03  11:18 AM If she asks, I think we should be up front and
                                  explain that we hadn't run into this situation
                                  before, we didn't get a response to the email
                                  in time to clarify the situation, and the two
                                  of us spent at least an extra half-hour
                                  getting this stuff ready in time...

Bubba      2/13/03  11:19 AM kewl

woozle     2/13/03  11:19 AM 2. Lil Love (GD Bean Bear)

Bubba      2/13/03  11:19 AM k, gonna go pull them now

Bubba      2/13/03  11:19 AM brb

woozle     2/13/03  11:23 AM card is good; I'm gonna zip and upload...

woozle     2/13/03  11:39 AM uploading now

woozle     2/13/03  11:40 AM going out for a couple of hours

Bubba      2/13/03  11:48 AM got the pulls, is the db update uploaded?

woozle     2/13/03  1:10 PM  should be

woozle     2/13/03  1:10 PM  gotta go out agin to take pkgs to PO

Bubba      2/13/03  1:10 PM  to where did I move it to to unzip it into

Bubba      2/13/03  1:13 PM  cuz all I get is the 2 flores orders when I
                                  click shipments

Bubba      2/13/03  1:14 PM  found it

Bubba      2/13/03  1:16 PM  did you notice these are going to the same
                                  person via 2 different guys?

woozle     2/13/03  2:14 PM  back

woozle     2/13/03  2:14 PM  via 2 different guys?

Bubba      2/13/03  2:15 PM  chk it

woozle     2/13/03  2:15 PM  2 different credit card names

Bubba      2/13/03  2:15 PM  ari and someone else

woozle     2/13/03  2:15 PM  same email address, so I think it must be the
                                  same person placing the orders

woozle     2/13/03  2:15 PM  and the person from whom I received email
                                  about the order was Dena, the recipient

woozle     2/13/03  2:15 PM  so I think she's placing the orders herself

Bubba      2/13/03  2:16 PM  got em each to give her their card

woozle     2/13/03  2:16 PM  hang on...

woozle     2/13/03  2:16 PM  the cards' addresses were both the shipping

woozle     2/13/03  2:17 PM  so they must be relatives living in the same
                                  house or something

Bubba      2/13/03  2:17 PM  troi?

Bubba      2/13/03  2:17 PM  line marriage

woozle     2/13/03  2:17 PM  Dena Troi? (joke)

woozle     2/13/03  2:18 PM  (ST:TNG joke, that is)

woozle     2/13/03  2:18 PM  One is probably a husband and the other a
                                  dad... could be either way depending on
                                  whether Kohn is her maiden name or not

Bubba      2/13/03  2:18 PM  Deanna Troi yummy

Bubba      2/13/03  2:19 PM  tePaul

Bubba      2/13/03  2:19 PM  better

Bubba      2/13/03  2:20 PM  pretty Vulcan pretty that is

Bubba      2/13/03  2:21 PM  and she can't read your mind to know if you're
                                  thinking of another woman during sex.  Not
                                  that you'd have to but if you did, what hell
                                  to pay there would be.

woozle     2/13/03  4:11 PM  do you still not have the packing slip for the
                                  2 Dina orders?

Bubba      2/13/03  5:21 PM  hey

Bubba      2/13/03  5:26 PM  no and they are away
                                  021303 16:32:46
                                  Tracking # EU812939446US
                                  Due by noon tomorrow

Bubba      2/13/03  5:38 PM  $18 was a good guess

woozle     2/13/03  5:44 PM  so you shipped it w/o a slip, just a note, and
                                  I should mail slips separately?

Bubba      2/13/03  5:53 PM  y

woozle     2/13/03  5:53 PM  cool. Did you get my email?

Bubba      2/13/03  5:53 PM  which?

woozle     2/13/03  5:54 PM  the one where I said I double-checked the data
                                  I sent u and the shipment was there

woozle     2/13/03  5:54 PM  (so you could print the slips)

Bubba      2/13/03  5:54 PM  I only show the 2 flores orders

woozle     2/13/03  5:55 PM  Did you find the shipment I described?

woozle     2/13/03  5:55 PM  The Flores is only the first one

Bubba      2/13/03  5:55 PM  chkng

Bubba      2/13/03  5:56 PM  it was #4

Bubba      2/13/03  5:57 PM  thought the ones I'm to deal w/were always on

woozle     2/13/03  5:57 PM  You have to look beyond the first shipment
                                  showing; yours might not be the first one.
                                  I'll try to always name them something like
                                  "GA Pending" so you can see them easily, but
                                  do remember to look for them.

Bubba      2/13/03  5:57 PM  rt now I know

woozle     2/13/03  5:58 PM  The flores was older and hasn't been closed
                                  yet (cuz we haven't received confirmation of
                                  the other piece's receipt), so it comes first

Bubba      2/13/03  5:58 PM  k

Bubba      2/13/03  5:58 PM  kewl

Bubba      2/13/03  5:58 PM  you still gotta send it cuz my note said you

woozle     2/13/03  5:59 PM  Send the slips? That was what I was planning.
                                  No prob.

Bubba      2/13/03  5:59 PM  to show up from here would be like well then
                                  why wasn't it in the box

woozle     2/13/03  5:59 PM  right

woozle     2/13/03  6:00 PM  glad you got it there in time, in spite of

woozle     2/13/03  6:00 PM  Got 2 more items for you to pull and ship,
                                  after I run the cards

Bubba      2/13/03  6:01 PM  me 2

Bubba      2/13/03  6:01 PM  k

Bubba      2/13/03  6:01 PM  Indonesian order for 2 Wolf Spirits MT-MJ-43

Bubba      2/13/03  6:02 PM  BIM SAPUTRA

Bubba      2/13/03  6:02 PM  Billing addr BAMBU KUNING JL IKHLAS NO 44
                                  MAGELANG 56126 JAWA TENGAH

Bubba      2/13/03  6:02 PM  Those damn dirty Jawa

woozle     2/13/03  6:03 PM  Oy

woozle     2/13/03  6:03 PM  Bim... wasn't he a Dr. Suess character?

Bubba      2/13/03  6:03 PM  DK

woozle     2/13/03  6:04 PM  Bim bams Biff's broom, I seem to recall... or
                                  something similar...

woozle     2/13/03  6:04 PM  Bim and Ben, says Sandy. Sounds right.

Bubba      2/13/03  6:04 PM  I wonder if it's him

Bubba      2/13/03  6:05 PM  the character named Bim

woozle     2/13/03  6:05 PM  You never know.

Bubba      2/13/03  6:05 PM  who ordered stuff today

Bubba      2/13/03  6:05 PM  from a long long far away

woozle     2/13/03  6:05 PM  beyond zebra, even

Bubba      2/13/03  6:06 PM  Suessian banter

woozle     2/13/03  6:06 PM  His Visa is one digit short

woozle     2/13/03  6:06 PM  (and his elevator probably doesn't go to all
                                  the floors, either)

Bubba      2/13/03  6:06 PM  always something

Bubba      2/13/03  6:07 PM  w/Indonesian orders

Bubba      2/13/03  6:07 PM  brb