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Friday, February 7, 2003 (#38)
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  • what: ICQ dialogue between Bubba and Woozle
Bubba      2/7/03   2:31 PM  Yes I think that getting the Flores domains
                                  would be a good thing and then we could do
                                  more of a complete package for their merch. 
                                  We'd be their online rep for their merch and
                                  get commissions on wholesale orders placed
                                  through us.

woozle     2/7/03   2:44 PM  I sent a follow-up email... got ...floresart,
                                  but ...flores is tied up somehow.

woozle     2/7/03   2:45 PM  I just signed up for eFax... about to test it.

Bubba      2/7/03   2:45 PM  did you get alexanderflores.com?

woozle     2/7/03   2:46 PM  it's tied up

woozle     2/7/03   2:46 PM  as I was saying

woozle     2/7/03   2:46 PM  (both in the email and just now)

Bubba      2/7/03   2:47 PM  thought it was just flores.com that was tied

Bubba      2/7/03   2:47 PM  reading

woozle     2/7/03   2:47 PM  no... I was abbreviating

woozle     2/7/03   2:47 PM  got ...floresart (meaning
                                  alexanderfloresart.com) but not ...flores
                                  (meaning alexanderflores.com)

Bubba      2/7/03   2:48 PM  what about floresart.com?

woozle     2/7/03   2:49 PM  didn't check

Bubba      2/7/03   2:49 PM  I know its a long one but this is their name

Bubba      2/7/03   2:51 PM  find a really short one like taaf.com and
                                  redirect to the long official name

Bubba      2/7/03   2:51 PM  or taoaf.com

woozle     2/7/03   2:51 PM  if we had more time, we could get several, set
                                  up redirects for each, and log the traffic --
                                  then keep the ones that got substantial

Bubba      2/7/03   2:52 PM  are you in netsol rt now?

woozle     2/7/03   2:52 PM  no

woozle     2/7/03   2:52 PM  sending a fax to myself

woozle     2/7/03   2:53 PM  gotta go for a bit

Bubba      2/7/03   2:53 PM  k i'll check taoaf  the tao of alexander
                                  flores because the first step to zen is
                                  appreciating beauty

Bubba      2/7/03   2:55 PM  taoaf.com is available

woozle     2/7/03   2:55 PM  a domain is generally not worth anything
                                  unless it is (a) extremely obvious or (b)
                                  advertised. alexanderfloresart is (b) and
                                  alexanderflores.com is (a). The others are
                                  kinda random, seems to me.

woozle     2/7/03   2:56 PM  back innan hower

Bubba      2/7/03   2:57 PM  would we not do a little ad blitz to get us
                                  noticed for being the flores portal

Bubba      2/7/03   2:57 PM  it would make sense once people saw the words
                                  The Art of Alexander Flores as the title

woozle     2/7/03   4:04 PM  if we had an ad blitz budget, sure. We don't.

Bubba      2/7/03   4:26 PM  I was thinking just like $50 w/only Flores
                                  related wrods

Bubba      2/7/03   4:26 PM  or words

woozle     2/7/03   4:28 PM  not worth the trouble; overture's a PitB

Bubba      2/7/03   4:28 PM  have you checked to see if the two other
                                  shirts Les Hewa ordered are here

woozle     2/7/03   4:28 PM  notchet

woozle     2/7/03   4:28 PM  will import

woozle     2/7/03   4:29 PM  downloading efax's fax viewer... apparently
                                  they send the faxes in a proprietary format

Bubba      2/7/03   4:29 PM  I'll do a check on the #'s for Flores
                                  inquiries on Google and Overture

Bubba      2/7/03   4:30 PM  whuzz proprietary format?

woozle     2/7/03   4:30 PM  can't view it with any other program

Bubba      2/7/03   4:31 PM  is that bad?

woozle     2/7/03   4:32 PM  it's a nuisance.

woozle     2/7/03   4:32 PM  Means you can't see the faxes in your email
                                  program, you have to detach the attachment and
                                  load it in the efax viewer.

Bubba      2/7/03   4:32 PM  yes that does suck

woozle     2/7/03   4:33 PM  I'm investigating other services

Bubba      2/7/03   4:38 PM  before we get to far into this year like we
                                  did last year, I'd appreciate it if you'd do a
                                  monthly accounting of the 80/20 breakdown and
                                  then - merch costs to find profit I'm not

woozle     2/7/03   4:38 PM  ok

woozle     2/7/03   4:39 PM  was thinking the same thing

Bubba      2/7/03   4:39 PM  I'm OK w/it going to keep us afloat and I'd
                                  like us both to see it

Bubba      2/7/03   4:40 PM  was the eFax thing to satisfy the getting the
                                  orders to the suppliers in a form they can
                                  deal with?

Bubba      2/7/03   4:43 PM  are they being sent to both of us?

Bubba      2/7/03   4:45 PM  is it the official fax # for RH

woozle     2/7/03   4:46 PM  the fax thing was cuz we keep getting aborted
                                  faxes at the number here... I'm thinking
                                  they're probably from customers... but it
                                  would be nice to be able to get updates on
                                  discontinueds again from LB/MT, and if fax is
                                  how they want to do it, I guess we'd better
                                  support fax.

woozle     2/7/03   4:46 PM  (blinkin' philistines.)

Bubba      2/7/03   4:47 PM  Chuck Ell

woozle     2/7/03   4:47 PM  The efax # was an arbitrary phone # they
                                  assigned me. I haven't listed it online
                                  because I don't think I'm going to use it.

Bubba      2/7/03   4:47 PM  kmp

woozle     2/7/03   4:47 PM  I have set up an email address for faxes to be
                                  sent to, and once I have them working I will
                                  have it redirected to office@vbz.net which
                                  goes to both of us.

Bubba      2/7/03   4:48 PM  k

Bubba      2/7/03   4:48 PM  ewl

woozle     2/7/03   5:27 PM  in answer to your earlier Q -- no other shirts
                                  needed to pull. Send Among the Pines ASAP (I
                                  had hoped it could go out today). Thx.

Bubba      2/7/03   7:01 PM  did I ever tell you that the color of the
                                  hypertwins background is the color my bedroom
                                  was when I was 15-18?

woozle     2/7/03   7:43 PM  S says "mine too! and it was a color i
                                  specifically selected..."

Bubba      2/7/03   7:50 PM  that she selected for her room or you selected
                                  for the site?

woozle     2/7/03   7:50 PM  she selected for her room, but it's her fave
                                  color (more or less) & that's why I chose it

Bubba      2/7/03   7:50 PM  kewl

Bubba      2/7/03   7:51 PM  Jess is using my machine to check her email so
                                  I'm away for a minute

woozle     2/7/03   7:51 PM  k

Bubba      2/7/03   7:51 PM  brb